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APA News Archive Page


This page archives older news report links.

December 2010

Chris Mills APA NOTAM #69 31/12/2010 What China's New Stealth Fighter Means for the F-35 JSF and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet
Bill Sweetman Ares/AW&ST 28/12/2010 J-20 - Denial Is Not An Option
Bill Sweetman Ares/AW&ST 27/12/2010 China's Stealth Striker
Andrew S. Erickson
26/12/2010 China Deploys World’s First Long-Range, Land-Based ‘Carrier Killer’: DF-21D Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile (ASBM) Reaches “Initial Operational Capability” (IOC)
Michael P. Flaherty
Joint Forces Quarterly
22/12/2010 Red Wings Ascendant: The Chinese Air Force Contribution to Antiaccess
Chris Mills APA NOTAM #68 13/12/2010 Fast Forward ‘Fast Transients’: John Boyd, the F-22 and F-35 in 2016
David A. Fulghum, Robert Wall
AW&ST 10/12/2010 Weapons Migrate From China to Afghanistan
Carlo Kopp IO Journal 10/12/2010 Exponential Growth Laws in Basic Technology and Capability Surprise
Michael Auslin
American Enterprise Institute
09/12/2010 The F-22: Raptor or Albatross?
Lee Berthiaume
Embassy Magazine
How the US got Norway to buy Joint Strike Fighters
News Report AFP/The Australian 06/12/2010 Cables claim China propaganda supremo behind Google hacks
Paul Maley
The Australian 06/12/2010 Kevin Rudd's plan to contain Beijing
Jeremy Page WSJ/The Australian
China clones and sells Russian fighter jets
Michael Coggan
ABC News
04/12/2010 Noise from new jets causes concern

November 2010

William H. McMichael
Navy Times
29/11/2010 JSF engine too big for regular transport at sea
Bill Sweetman Ares/AW&ST 17/11/2010 Major F-35B Component Cracks In Fatigue Test
Peter Goon ABC Radio Darwin 105.7
17/11/2010 Breakfast with Julia Christensen 105.7
News Report RIA Novosti 16/11/2010 Airshow China 2010: Russia ready to sell Su-35 fighter jets to China
John A. Tirpak
16/11/2010 It’s Okay to Talk Raptor Again: Once taboo, talk has resurfaced about the possibility of buying more F-22s.
Bill Sweetman
10/11/2010 White House Commission: Kill The F-35B
Peter Goon
ABC Radio National / National Interest
05/11/2010 Joint Strike Fighter encounters more turbulence (MP3 Interview)
Ben Sandilands
Plane Talking / Crikey.com
Mainstream US media report signals JSF implosion
Tony Capaccio
Pentagon May See Higher F-35 Costs, Delays Up to Three Years
Alexander B. Prischepenko
Popular Mechanics
Video (Russian language):
Electromagnetic Weapons: Myths and Reality

October 2010

Bill Sweetman Ares/AW&ST 25/10/2010 The Next JSF Debate
Dan Oakes
Sydney Morning Herald
UK cuts may push up price of fighter jet for Australia
Robert Gottliebsen Business Spectator 20/10/2010 A shot across Australia's defence chiefs' bow
Carlo Kopp APA NOTAM #67 19/10/2010 F-35 JSF: Can It Meet Canada's Needs?
News Report RIA Novosti
11/10/2010 Russian Air Force to receive first Su-35S by year end - Sukhoi
News Report CNN
11/10/2010 Iranian legislator wants Russia to be sued over missile contract
News Report Bharat Globe
08/10/2010 Unable to make jets, India buys 250 planes in Russia
News Report RIA Novosti 07/10/2010 Russia to return $166.8 million prepayment to Iran for S-300 missile defense system
Chris Mills
APA NOTAM #66 04/10/2010 F-111: Deadly Strike-Fighter to be Trashed
Robert Gottliebsen
Business Spectator
04/10/2010 Australia's mission critical
Sergei Balmasov
Pravda 01/10/2010 Iran in convulsions after losing Russian S-300 systems

September 2010

Bradley Perrett
AW&ST 30/09/2010 Indonesia Plans 180 Flankers Plus F-16s
News Report
'Biggest ever India-US defence deal set to be signed'
Craig Hoyle
Flight International 15/09/2010 Kazan to build new strategic bomber, says Putin
Air Force Association
13/09/2010 Threats to Air Supremacy 2010 [Recommended]
Anatoly Miranovsky
13/09/2010 Russia to export 600 Sukhoi PAK FA fifth generation jets
Ajai Shukla
Business Standard
India, Russia to Ink gen-5 fighter pact

August 2010

Peersada Abrar
The Economic Times
BrahMos order book swells to $13 billion

July 2010

Annual Report
Office of the Secretary of Defense August 2010
Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China 2010
News Report RIA Novosti
Russian air force completing MiG-31BM modernization program
Carlo Kopp The Diplomat (Japan) 11/08/2010 China’s Eyes in the Skies
Stephen Trimble
Flight International
USAF debates major upgrade for F-22 Raptors
Colin Clark
DoD Buzz
Shake Up AF Acquisition
Prof John Mearsheimer
Transcript of the fourth annual Michael Hintze Lecture in International Security
The Gathering Storm: China's Challenge to US Power in Asia
Eric Palmer
DoD Watch (Blog)
Can America depend on the United States Air Force of the future?

July 2010

Stephen J. Hadley, William J. Perry
et al
United States Institute of Peace
July 2010 The QDR in Perspective: Meeting America’s National Security Needs In the 21st Century; The Final Report of the Quadrennial Defense Review Independent Panel
David Pughliese
The Vancouver Sun
31/07/2010 CF-18s intercepted Russian bombers, Ottawa says
Scott Fontaine
Air Force Times
USAFE chief: Don’t rely on UAVs
Y. Mallikarjun
The Hindu
27/07/2010 Interceptor missile hits the bull's eye
News Report IANS/RIA Novosti
24/07/2010 Russia denies selling S-300 air defence systems to Azerbaijan
Alan Williams The Ottawa Citizen 24/07/2010 Flying solo
Eric Palmer
DoD Watch
24/07/2010 Senior Australian Defence leadership deception on the F-111 retirement
Editorial Independent Contractors of Australia 23/07/2010 Australian military aircraft (JSF): A bad deal?
Paul McLeary Ares / AW&ST 22/07/2010 Watchdog Slams Pentagon O&M Bookkeeping
Maxim Pyadushkin and Michael A. Taverna AW&ST 22/07/2010 Russia Gets Su-35S by year-end, Libya to Follow
News Report Defpro.com 21/07/2010 Farnborough 2010 - A World of Opportunities for Rosoboronexport
Peter Goon APA NOTAM #65 17/07/2010 Is the JSF Affordable? An Australian’s Perspective
Carlo Kopp APA NOTAM #64 17/07/2010 Reassessing Iran's Air Defences
News Report Brahmand.com 13/07/2010 S-500 missile defence system to join Russian armed forces
News Report ITAR-TASS 13/07/2010 Russian Air Force to have many S-400/S-500 regiments by 2020 – general
Joe Keohane The Boston Globe 11/07/2010 How facts backfire - Researchers discover a surprising threat to democracy: our brains
Peter Goon APA NOTAM #63 09/07/2010 F-35 JSF Program: When is “Affordability” Not?
News Report TV-Novosti 06/07/2010 Made-in-China airplanes may undermine sales of Russian high quality jets
Brian Spegele Wall Street Journal 06/07/2010 China Seizes on F-35 Remarks
Pankaj Lakhotia Stock Watch India 05/07/2010 Air force’s SU – 30 MKIs to be upgraded
Chris Mills APA NOTAM #62 05/07/2010 How? The Deadly Question for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
Carlo Kopp The Diplomat (Japan) 01/07/2010 China Air Force Steps it Up

June 2010

Greg Grant - Defense Tech - 30/06/2010 - China to Test Carrier Killing Missile On Fourth of July?
News Report - RIA Novosti - 30/06/2010 - Russia may lose billions for breaching missile contract with Iran
David A. Fulghum, Douglas Barrie - AW&ST - 29/06/2010 - Sukhoi T-50 Prototype Demonstrated For Putin
Golnaz Esfandiari - Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - 29/06/2010 - Iran's Intelligence Ministry Urges Moving Away From Russia
News Report - Defpro - 28/06/2010 - India clears Rs 15,000 crore Sukhoi deal
News Report -United Press International - 21/06/2010 - Iran out, but Russia eyes Turkey for S-300
Steve Gutterman - Reuters - 17/06/2010 - Putin boasts new jet fighter better than U.S. plane
Michel Chossudovsky - GlobalResearch.ca - 11/06/2010 - UN "Green Light" for a Pre-emptive US-Israel Attack on Iran? Security Council Resolution Transforms Iran into a "Sitting Duck"
News Report - Xinhua - 11/06/2010 - S-300 missiles fall under UN sanctions against Iran: Kremlin
Office of the Spokesman - Dept of State - 09/06/2010 - Sale of S-300s to Iran Under UNSCR 1929 (Taken Question)
Iskander Rehman - IDSA - 08/06/2010 - China’s String of Pearls and India’s Enduring Tactical Advantage
News Report - rttnews.com - 08/06/2010 - Russia Signs Mega Defense Contract With Algeria, Uganda
News Report - Pravda.ru - 04/06/2010 - China Creates Pirate Copy of Russia’s Su-33 Fighter Jet
News Report - Brahmand.com - 02/06/2010 - Algeria to receive Russian Su-30, Yak-130 planes in 2011
News Report - United Press International - 01/06/2010 - Algeria 'to cut U.S. arms, go Russian'

May 2010

Muhamad Fairoz Azizan And Nuraqalby Mohd Reda - Bernama.com - 31/05/2010 - RMAF Hope To Buy State-Of-The-Art Fighter Jets To Beef Up Air Defence
News Report - PressTV (Iran) - 25/05/2010 -Iran warns Russia over S-300 delivery
News Report - Space Daily - 17/05/2010 - Russian Officer Says Developing New Weapon For Space Defense

April 2010

Chris Hughes - The Daily Mirror -  12/04/2010 - Fury as Russia sells its missile system to Iran - Exclusive
James Kraska - Orbis / FPRI - Winter 2010, Volume 54, Number 1 - How the United States Lost the Naval War of 2015
News Report - RIA Novosti - 07/04/2010 - Russian military set to upgrade bulk of weaponry by 2020
CFP - Aircraft Airworthiness and Sustainment Conference 2010 - Australia
John Markoff and David Barboza - The New York Times - 05/04/2010 - Spying on Computer Spies Traces Data Theft to China
Richard Weitz - The Diplomat - 05/04/2010 - Why China Snubs Russia Arms
News Report - Reuters - 02/04/2010 - China buys air defense systems from Russia

March 2010

Chris Mills and Peter Goon - APA NOTAM - 24/03/2010 - Why the F-22 and the PAK-FA have the “Right Stuff” and why the F/A-18 and the F-35 do not
Stephen Trimble - The DEW Line - 25/03/2010 - Congressional F-35 hater: "I think this will come back and haunt us ... as a monumental mistake"
Chen Hu / Peng Kuang - Global Times [China] - 24/03/2010 - F-35 fighter has become a clumsy white elephant
AVM B J Graf RAAF (Retd) - APA NOTAM - 24/03/2010 - F-35 JSF: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Do No Good
Robert Gottliebsen - Business Spectator - 23/03/2010 - Time for a Canberra shake-up
Carlo Kopp - Joint Forces Quarterly - JFQ 57 (2nd Quarter, April 2010) - Evolving Technological Strategy in Advanced Air Defense Systems [Index]
Linton Besser - Sydney Morning Herald - 13/03/2010 - Defence blows millions in budget rort
Bill Sweetman - Ares A Defense Technology Blog - 12/03/2010 - Seeing The Elephant
Ben Sandilands - Crikey.com - 12/03/2010 - Memo Defence: Come clean now on JSF debacle
Gleb Bryanski - Reuters - 12/03/2010 - Russia to make 1,000 stealth jets, eyes India deal
Roxana Tiron - The Hill - 11/03/2010 - Pentagon tells Senate panel that F-35 is more than 50 percent over cost
Michael Sullivan - United States Government Accountability Office - 11/03/2010 - JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER: Significant Challenges Remain as DOD Restructures Program [Recommended]
Robert Gottliebsen - Business Spectator - 11/03/2010 - Send in Bomber Beazley
David Axe - The Diplomat - 05/03/2010 - US Eyeing Asian Arms Race?
Carlo Kopp [Interview] - ABC Australia Network - 02/03/2010 - Russian fighter

February 2010

Cameron Stewart - The Australian - 25/02/2010 - Scientists warned defence department against Joint Strike Fighter
Chris Mills and Peter Goon - APA NOTAM #59 - 23/02/2010 - PAK-FA, F-35, F-22 and “Capability Surprise”
Robert Gottliebsen - Business Spectator - 22/02/2010 - Air defence in a spin
Mark Helprin - Wall Street Journal - 21/02/2010 - Why the Air Force Needs the F-22: China will field its own fifth-generation fighter in 2018 or 2020
News Report - AFP/Google - 20/02/2010 - Russia will honour Iran missile deal: minister [S-300PMU1]
Aaron Klein - WorldNetDaily - 19/02/2010 - Official: Russia to deliver missile defense to Iran; System would make strike against Tehran's nuclear reactors more difficult
Dr Carlo Kopp - Jamestown Foundation / China Brief - 18/02/2010 - Advances in PLA C4ISR Capabilities
Cameron Stewart - The Australian - 18/02/2010 - Top-gun fighter in a spin
News Report - RT.com - 17/02/2010 - Russian company eyes offensive military satellite
Michael Goldfarb - The Weekly Standard - 17/02/2010 - Russian Raptor Killer is a "Game  Changer" The end of air supremacy?
Stephen Trimble - Flight International - 17/02/2010 -Airborne Laser faces uncertain future despite historic intercept test  [Video: Testing Airborne Laser Weapons]
Bill Sweetman - Ares A Defense Technology Blog - 16/02/2010 - JSF - 13-Month Delay Is Official
News Report - Domain-B - 16/02/2010 - Russian 5th-Gen fighter makes second flight news
Ben Sandilands - Crikey.com - 16/02/2010 - Russian jet adds to Joint Strike Fighter already-on-the-nose dilemma
Ben Sandilands - Plane Talking (Crikey.com) - 16/02/2010 - PAK-FA analysis and high level advice point to JSF crisis
News Report - RIA Novosti - 16/02/2010 - Several states look to Russian missiles for national defense systems
News Report - United Press International - 15/02/2010 - Russia blows hot and cold over Iran S-300s
Michael Owen - The Australian - 15/02/2010 - US Deputy Secretary of Defence Bill Lynn can't put price on F-35 warplanes
Chris Mills - APA NOTAM #58 - 15/02/2010 - Sukhoi PAK-FA - Russia's Strategic ‘Game Changer’
Peter Goon - APA NOTAM #57 - 13/02/2010 - F-35A JSF: Not Even Second Place...
Peter Goon and Dr Carlo Kopp - APA NOTAM #56 - 10/02/2010 - A Perspective on the Quadrennial Defense Review
Robert Gottliebsen - Business Spectator - 09/02/2010 - Last chance for Australia's defence
Borzou Daragahi - Los Angeles Times - 08/02/2010 - Iran says it will build 10 nuclear plants, beef up military; The nation announces its plans despite international pressure and domestic dissent.
Ben Sandilands - Plane Talking (Crikey.com) - 06/02/2010 - How long has the PAK-FA or T-50 been flying? (video)

January 2010

News Report - rt.com - 31/01/2010 - Russian fifth-generation fighter: high hopes (video)
News Report - rt.com - 29/01/2010 - Russian fifth-generation fighter jet takes to the air (video)
News Release - Sukhoi JSC - 29/01/2010 - The Sukhoi Company PAK-FA Enters Flight Test
Eric L Palmer Blog - 29/01/2010 - Update–Russian stealth fighter–PAK FA flies
Ben Sandilands - Plane Talking (Crikey.com) - 21/01/2010 - Some notes concerning Australia’s exposure to the risk that the Joint Strike Fighter is a failed project
Dr Martin Andrew - APA NOTAM #55 - 14/01/2010 - China’s Anti-Ballistic Missile Test: Much Ado About Nothing
James Kraska - Orbis / FPRI - Winter 2010, Volume 54, Number 1 - How the United States Lost the Naval War of 2015

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