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Air Power Australia Technical Reports
and Discussion Papers

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Air Power Australia research activities cover air power and broader military research and analysis, especially in the context of a modern integrated joint national force structure.

Air Power Australia Technical Report series address research topics, which typically in scope, depth or innovation are lesser than formal research papers in the APA Analyses peer reviewed journal. Technical Reports and Discussion Papers are thus typically narrower in scope, and often focus on technical intelligence collection and analysis, rather than deeper and more fundamental problems in strategy, force structure, governance and planning.

Air Power Australia Technical Reports and Discussion Papers are peer reviewed by the APA Editorial Board, but many have also been subjected to independent external peer review, where this was considered to be warranted for the topic in question.

Air Power Australia Technical Reports and Discussion Papers
Editor-in-Chief: Dr Carlo Kopp, PEng, FLSS, AFAIAA, SMIEEE  Email Cell: +61-437-478-224
Associate Editor: Peter Goon, FTE  Cell: +419-806-476 (Australia)
Editorial Board: APA policy is not to disclose editorial board membership.
Dewey: 355, 358, 359, 623, 662
Library of Congress:

Publisher: Air Power Australia - Australia's Independent Defence Think Tank
APA Research Policy Statement

Air Power Australia is a non-profit entity, which is not affiliated with the Department of Defence, the Australian Defence Force or any other Commonwealth organisation. Air Power Australia is funded by its founders and contributors, and it has no funding relationships with any defence contractors, or affiliated entities.

Air Power Australia Technical Report Master Index

Technical Report Number Technical Report Title Format
C. Kopp
APA-TR-2004-1001 76N6 Clam Shell Low Altitude Acquisition Radar HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2005-0501 The GBU-28 Bunker Buster HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2005-0701 Warship Vulnerability HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2005-0702 Tomahawk Variants HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2006-1201 SA-10/20/21 Grumble/Gargoyle HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2006-1202 SA-12/SA-23 Giant/Gladiator HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0101 Sukhoi Flankers HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0102 Assessing the Joint Strike Fighter HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0103 PLA Air Force and Naval Air Arm Air Base Infrastructure HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0104 PLA-AF and PLA-N Legacy Fighters HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0105 Assessing the F-22A Raptor HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0106 Small Diameter Bomb HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0107 Chengdu J-10 HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0108 Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0109 Precision Guided Munitions in the Region HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0401 Maritime Strike using the F-22A Raptor HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0402 Defeating Cruise Missiles HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0701 Tupolev Tu-22M3 Backfire C HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0702 The PLA-AF's Airborne Early Warning & Control Programs HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0703 The PLA-AF's Aerial Refuelling Programs HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0704 Soviet Maritime Reconnaissance, Targeting, Strike and Electronic Combat Aircraft HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0705 XAC (Xian) H-6 Badger HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0706 Tupolev Tu-95 and Tu-142 Bear HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0707 Hard Kill Counter-ISR Programs HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0708 The Cruise Missile Proliferation Problem HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2007-0901 Russian / PLA Low Band Surveillance Radars HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0101 Air Power vs Refuelling Infrastructure HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0102 The US Air Force Synthetic Fuels Program HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0301 The Russian Philosophy of Beyond Visual Range Air Combat HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0401 Flanker Radars in Beyond Visual Range Air Combat HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0402 NNIIRT 1L119 Nebo SVU / RLM-M Nebo M HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0403 Phazotron Zhuk AE/ASE / Assessing Russia's First Fighter AESA HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0501 High Energy Laser Directed Energy Weapons HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0502 Russian / Soviet Point Defence Weapons HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0503 Warsaw Pact / Russian / PLA Emitter Locating Systems / ELINT Systems HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0601 SAM System Mobility / Russian and PLA Air Defence System Vehicles HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0601-A S-300P/S-400/S-500 Air Defence System Vehicles HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0601-B S-300V/VM / SA-12/23 Air Defence System Vehicles HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0601-C Legacy Air Defence System Vehicles HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0601-D Russian and PLA Point Defence System Vehicles HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0602 Warsaw Pact / Russian Air Defence Command Posts HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0603 Sukhoi Su-33 and Su-33UB Flanker D / Shenyang J-15 Flanker D HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0701 Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence Systems HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2008-0901 Shenyang J-11B/BH/BS/BSH Flanker B/C+ HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0101 Search and Acquisition Radars (S-Band, X-band) HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0102 Engagement and Fire Control Radars (S-band, X-Band, Ku/K/Ka-band) HTML
J. C. Wise
APA-TR-2009-0103 PLA Air Defence Radars HTML
M. Andrew
APA-TR-2009-0301 PLA Point Defence Systems HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0302 PLA Area Defence Missile Systems HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0501 Russian/Soviet/WarPac Ground Based ECM Systems HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0502 Almaz-Antey S-300PMU2 Favorit / SA-20 Gargoyle HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0503 40N6 / S-400 Triumf / SA-21 HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0504 NKMZ 40V6M/40V6MD Universal Mobile Mast HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0601 Legacy Air Defence System Upgrades HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0602 Almaz 5V24/5V27/S-125 Neva/Pechora / SA-3 Goa HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0603 Almaz 5V21/28 / S-200VE Vega / SA-5 Gammon HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0603-A S-200VE Vega / SA-5 Gammon Missile Site Design HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0604 Air Defence System Defensive Aids HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0701 NIIP 2K12 Kub/Kvadrat / SA-6 Gainful HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0702 Almaz S-75 Dvina/Desna/Volkhov / HQ-2A/B / CSA-1 / SA-2 Guideline HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0702-A SNR-75M3 Fan Song E Engagement Radar HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0703 KBP 2K22/2K22M/M1 Tunguska SA-19 Grison /
96K6 Pantsir S1 / SA-22 SPAAGM
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0704 NIEMI 9K33 Osa/Romb / SA-8 Gecko HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0705 Kupol 9K330/9K331/9K332 Tor M/M1/M2 / SA-15 Gauntlet HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0706 NIIP 9K37/9K37M1/9K317 Buk M1/M2 / SA-11/17 Gadfly/Grizzly HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0801 KBTochmash 9K35 Strela 10 / SA-13 Gopher HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0802 PLA Air to Air Missiles HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0803 PLA Cruise Missiles / PLA Air - Surface Missiles HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0804 Soviet/Russian Tactical Air to Surface Missiles HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0805 Soviet/Russian Cruise Missiles HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0806 Soviet/Russian Guided Bombs HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0807 Sukhoi/KnAAPO Su-35BM/Su-35-1/Su-35S Flanker HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2009-0808 PLA Guided Bombs HTML
M. Andrew APA-TR-2009-0901 Modern PLA Armoured Vehicles HTML
M. Andrew APA-TR-2009-0901-A ZBD05/ZLT05 Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicles HTML
M. Andrew APA-TR-2009-0901-B Type 96 and Type 99 Main Battle Tanks HTML
M. Gyűrösi
APA-TR-2009-1101 NNIIRT 52E6MU Struna-1MU / Barrier E Bistatic Radar HTML
J. C. Wise APA-TR-2009-1102 Perspective on EW Receiver Design HTML
C. Kopp
APA-TR-2009-1103 CPMIEC HQ-9 / HHQ-9 / FD-2000 / FT-2000
Self Propelled Air Defence System
C. Kopp / J. C. Wise APA-TR-2009-1201 HQ-9 and HQ-12 SAM System Battery Radars HTML
S. O'Connor
APA-TR-2009-1202 Russia's Strategic Missile Forces HTML
S. O'Connor APA-TR-2009-1203 Russian/Soviet Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems HTML
S. O'Connor APA-TR-2009-1204 PLA Second Artillery Corps HTML
S. O'Connor APA-TR-2009-1205-A Soviet/Russian SAM Site Configuration Part 1 HTML
S. O'Connor APA-TR-2009-1205-B Soviet/Russian SAM Site Configuration Part 2 HTML
M Gyűrösi APA-TR-2010-0101 The Soviet Fractional Orbital Bombardment System HTML
S. O'Connor APA-TR-2010-0102 Strategic SAM Deployment in Iran HTML
S. O'Connor APA-TR-2010-0103 Strategic SAM Deployment in Syria HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2010-0701 Tetraedr T38 “Stiletto” Short Range Self Propelled Air Defence System
C. Kopp APA-TR-2010-0801 Tropospheric Scatter Communications Systems
S. O'Connor APA-TR-2010-0802 PLA Ballistic Missiles
C. Kopp / M. Andrew
APA-TR-2010-0901 CPMIEC HQ-7/FM-80 / CSA-4 Sino-Crotale
CPMIEC HQ-7/FM-90 / CSA-5 Sino-Crotale

Self Propelled Air Defence Systems
C. Kopp APA-TR-2010-1001 Surface to Air Missile Effectiveness in Past Conflicts
C. Kopp / C. C .Jordan
APA-TR-2010-1201 Der Gabelschwanz Teufel - Assessing the Lockheed P-38 Lightning
C. Kopp / P. A. Goon
Chengdu J-XX [J-20] Stealth Fighter Prototype
A Preliminary Assessment

C. Kopp APA-TR-2011-0301 Wedgetail AEW&C Apertures
C. Kopp APA-TR-2011-0302 The Dawn of the Smart Bomb
S. O'Connor APA-TR-2011-0601
Arming America’s Interceptors: The Hughes Falcon Missile Family
C. Kopp APA-TR-2011-0602 S-500 Triumfator M Self Propelled Air / Missile Defence System / SA-X-NN HTML
C. Kopp APA-TR-2012-0301 Digital Versus Wet Film Photographic Imaging
C. Kopp APA-TR-2012-0302 Moore's Law and Telephoto Imaging
C. Kopp APA-TR-2012-0401 PLA-AF and PLA-N Flanker Variants
M. Andrew / C. Kopp
APA-TR-2012-0402 Advances in PLA-N Carrier Aviation

Air Power Australia Discussion Paper Master Index
Author(s) Discussion Paper Number Discussion Paper Title
C. Kopp APA-TR-2013-0801 Exploring the Impacts of the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012

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Air Power Australia Technical Report Master Index

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