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APA News Archive Page


This page archives older news report links.

December 2011

News Report
The Washington Post
Finland impounds shipment of Patriot missiles, explosives in ship destined for Shanghai
David Ellery
Canberra Times
Senators puzzled by Defence purchasing [Submissions]
Nick Schwellenbach
Project On Government Oversight
16/12/2011 F-35 Concurrency Quick Look Review (Original Document)
Robert Gottliebsen Business Spectator 16/12/2011 Third strike in a defence debacle
Bill Sweetman
Ares / AW&ST
JSF - What's Really Happening
Robert Gottliebsen Business Spectator 13/12/2011 Headed for a JSF tailspin
Jim Wolf
12/12/2011 U.S. to mothball gear to build top F-22 fighter
Ben Sandilands
A timely warning: The JSF may be axed
Robert Gottliebsen
Business Spectator
Flying into a defence disaster
Colin Clark
AOL Defense
McCain Slams JSF, Calls Program 'Scandal And A Tragedy;' Contract Talks Advance
Richard Whittle
AOL Defense 01/12/2011 JSF's Build And Test Was 'Miscalculation,' Adm. Venlet Says; Production Must Slow

October 2011

Sergey Razbakov and Sergey Beznosov
RIA Novosti 05/10/2011 Development of S-500 air defense systems behind schedule - paper
Robert Gottliebsen Business Spectactor
The sound of a JSF death rattle

September 2011

Maj Christopher J. Cannon
Marine Corps Gazette
F–35B Needs a Plan B
Jeremy Page and
Paul Mozur

The Wall Street Journal
21/09/2011 U.S. Faces Rising Risks in Vow to Defend Taiwan
Eddie Walsh The Asia-Pacific Reporting Blog 19/09/2011 Foreword: Second-guessing Australia's F-35 Plans
S Anandan
The Hindu
18/09/2011 BrahMos airborne launcher prototype undergoing tests
Nathan Hodge
Wall Street Journal
15/09/2011 'Geriatric' U.S. Arsenal Needs Expensive Face-Lift
Eddie Walsh /
Carlo Kopp

The Asia-Pacific Reporting Blog
14/09/2011 Exclusive Interview: "The F-35 is not a viable design and could never meet Australia's national security needs."
Konstantin Bogdanov RIA Novosti 09/09/2011 The new Libya not interested in Russian weapons, keeps mum on old debt
News Report Press Trust Of India
07/09/2011 IAF to induct 300 Sukhoi-30, Tejas aircraft

August 2011

Konstantin Bogdanov RIA Novosti 29/08/2011 Chavez asks Moscow for a loan to buy Russian weapons
William Chedsey
Perry: Gates Gave China Fighter-Jet Superiority
News Report RT (via Youtube)
17/08/2011 Sukhoi PAK FA T-50 at MAKS airshow
Robert Wall
17/08/2011 T-50: The Fifth-Generation Fighter's Sensors
Yuriy Stepanov
Sukhoi T-50 at MAKS2011
News Report RIA Novosti 15/08/2011 Russia can offer new generation system for European missile shield
News Report RIA Novosti 15/08/2011 The S-300V and Tunguska Missile systems destroy “enemy planes”
William Ide
China's First Aircraft Carrier Begins Sea Trial
Eric L. Palmer
09/08/2011 A Tough Sell For Australia
News Report World Aeronautical Press Agency
09/08/2011 Russia announces development of new AWACS plane
News Report RIA Novosti
09/08/2011 Russia developing new air defense systems
David Donald
01/08/2011 Russian T-50 Shortlisted for New Korean Fighter Contest

July 2011

Tamir Eshel
Defense Update
27/07/2011 Sukhoi T-50 PAKFA Public Debut Planned for MAKS 2011 in August
Bill Gertz
The Washington Times
22/07/2011 Report: China building electromagnetic pulse weapons for use against U.S. carriers
Chris Mills and
Peter Goon

APA NOTAM #74 04/07/2011 The Chengdu J-20: Peace in Our Time?
News Report
01/07/2011 Moscow warns of arms race if missile defence talks with NATO fail

June 2011

Richard Fisher, Jr IASC
29/06/2011 PLA and U.S. Arms Racing in the Western Pacific
News Report
Telegraf - Belarus news
Belarus to Become First Buyer of Triumph S-400
Dan Oakes
Fairfax Media
Defence moves to shield north riches
Stephen Smith
The International News Magazine
22/06/2011 Australia's Defence Force Posture Review
Richard Fisher, Jr, and
Bill Sweetman
Too Little, Too Late: AirSea Battle Concept May Lag China's Capabilities
[Defense Technology International]

May 2011

News Report World Tribune
31/05/2011 Israeli official: Problems with F-35 'much worse than we had been told'
Robert Gottliebsen Business Spectator 25/05/2011 No defence for poor JSF planning
Anshel Pfeffer
24/05/2011 U.S. may scrap F35, set to be Israel's fighter jet of the future
Lee Ferran
ABC News (USA)
Chinese Stealth Fighter Could Rival US's Best: Report
Carlo Kopp Jamestown Foundation
06/05/2011 China Brief: An Initial Assessment of China's J-20 Stealth Fighter

April 2011

News Report RIA Novosti
21/04/2011 Indonesian Navy successfully tests Russian anti-ship missile
Jon McComb
and Peter Goon
CKNW/The World Today
Vancouver B.C.
01/04/2011 Interview P. A. Goon Canadian JSF
(Hour 1 Segment April 4)
Jon McComb
and Carlo Kopp

CKNW/The World Today
Vancouver B.C.
01/04/2011 Interview C. Kopp Canadian JSF
(Hour 2 Segment April 1)

March 2011

News Reports US Africa Command
23/03/2011 Odyssey Dawn
News Report Pentagon Channel
Operation Odyssey Dawn(Libya)
Sean O'Connor
Libyan NFZ: The SAM Threat

February 2011

Carlo Kopp APA NOTAM #73 23/02/2011 Defence Materiel Organisation Probability of Failure: Pfail = 1.0
Chris Mills APA NOTAM #72 16/02/2011 F-35, F-22 and B-2 vs China's Underground Airbases: Everything Old is New Again
Dave Majumdar
Air Force Times
13/02/2011 J-20 a ‘wake-up call,’ former intel chief says
Philip Dorling
Sydney Morning Herald 09/02/2011 Minister told US ALP criticism of jet was 'political' PR
News Report MSNBC
07/02/2011 New, stealthy Navy drone makes its maiden flight

January 2011

Chris Mills APA NOTAM #71 24/01/2011 J-20 Stealth Fighter: China's First Strike Weapon
Dan Blumenthal, Michael Mazza
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
24/01/2011 A One-Sided Arms Race
Jennifer Griffin Fox News 19/01/2011 Chinese Military Raising Concerns; What sort of arsenal does China have and what for?
Robert Gottliebsen
Business Spectator
China's superior flight-path
Jennifer Griffin
Fox News
Chinese President Visits Amid Mounting Military Tensions
Garry Schmitt and
Thomas Donnelly
Wall Street Journal/AEI
Shore Up America's Air Superiority;
China's military modernization means the U.S. and its allies need to take countermeasures.

Dan Oakes
Sydney Morning Herald
15/01/2011 Chinese fighter jet rewrites power in region, says critic
Ajai Shukla
Business Standard
China's new fighter sends sonic boom through region
Jeremy Page
Wall Street Journal
Test Flight Signals Jet Has Reached New Stage
Ben Sandilands Plane Talking / Crikey.com 10/01/2011 Joint Strike Fighter latest puts our defence planning under siege
Eric L. Palmer
Congress must challenge DOD and administration on flawed air power roadmap
David S. Cloud
Los Angeles Times 09/01/2011 Defense Secretary warns China over stealth fighter
Carlo Kopp APA NOTAM #70 09/01/2011 The Strategic Impact of China's J-XX [J-20] Stealth Fighter
Jana Winter
Fox News 07/01/2011 China's New Fighter Jet Could Pose 'Terrifying' Challenge to U.S. Fleet
Karen Parrish
American Forces Press Service
06/01/2011 Navy Intel Chief Discusses China’s Military Advances
Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney
Fox News
06/01/2011 'Stealth' Chinese Fighter Jet Photos No Accident
LtGen David Deptula
Second Line of Defense
The Evolution of PRC Air Power
Carlo Kopp and
Peter Goon
Air Power Australia 03/01/2011 Chengdu J-XX [J-20] Stealth Fighter Prototype
A Preliminary Assessment
News Report The Korea Times
03/01/2011 Kim Jong-il hides himself underground for fear of US F-22 Raptors

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