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APA News Archive Page


This page archives older news report links.

November 2012

News Report Xinhua
25/11/2012 J-15 Carrier Trials
News Report Flight Global 25/11/2012 J-15 Carrier Trials
News Report Flight Global 25/11/2012 J-15 Carrier Trials
News Report Xinhua 25/11/2012 China conducts flight landing on aircraft carrier
Richard Fisher
Defense News
Deterring China’s Fighter Buildup
David Axe Wired 16/11/2012 Russia’s Stealth Fighter Could Match U.S. Jets, Analyst Says
Peter Mattis
Jamestown Foundation 16/11/2012 Zhuhai Air Show Highlights Burgeoning Aerospace Industry
Oriana Skylar Mastro et al
Jamestown Foundation
New CMC Vice Chairmen Strong Advocates for Joint, Modern Chinese Military
Berenice Baker
Global Defense Technology
Highly Charged
News Report Flight Global
China resumes talks with Russia on Su-35 purchase
Ajai Shukla
Business Standard
New Chinese stealth fighter heightens dilemma for Indian Navy
Yu Runze
Sina English 13/11/2012
J-31 fighter model exhibited at Airshow China
Jeremy Page
Wall Street Journal
China Party Fills Top Military Posts;
Promotion of Air-Force General Is Seen as Reflection of Beijing's Ambitions to Challenge U.S. Dominance in Asia-Pacific

Andrew Erickson and Gabe Collins
Wall Street Journal 03/11/2012 Taking Off: Implications of China’s Second Stealth Fighter Test Flight

October 2012

Jill Rowbotham
The Australian
Controversial Defence Trade Controls Bill passes the Senate
David Axe
China’s Newest Stealth Fighter Takes Flight
David Lague and Charlie Zhu
29/10/2012 Insight: Unable to copy it, China tries building own jet engine
John T. Correll
Air Force Magazine
Losing Altitude
Randy Jackson
22/10/2012 CHAMP - lights out
News Report RIA Novosti 20/10/2012 Russia’s Pantsir-S System Downs Cruise Missile in Test
News Report Times of India
Govt nod for purchase of 25,000 Invar, air-launched version of BrahMos missiles
Jill Rowbotham The Australian 17/12/2012 Defence bill a research risk: academics
Manu Pubby
Indian Express
India to train, support Indonesian Sukhoi fleet
Michael Auslin American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research 17/10/2012 The Air Force needs more dough; make up $30B that goes to intel agencies
News Report ThiPublica via Asian Correspondent
12/10/2012 No submarines for Thailand’s Navy, but maybe frigates instead?
News Report RIA Novosti
12/10/2012 BrahMos to Test Submarine-Launch Missile by Year-End
Rajat Pandit
The Times of India
12/10/2012 Two-front war remote, but threat from China real
News Report The China Post
13/10/2012 Army to break out Howitzer in drill
Steven Chase and Jane Taber
The Globe and Mail
10/10/2012 Naval intelligence officer sold military secrets to Russia for $3,000 a month
Anne Sewell
Digital Journal
10/10/2012 4,000 tons of shells exploded in Central Russia (video)
Ajay Kamalakaran
Russia Beyond The Headlines
Memories from the home of Sukhoi
Bianca Hall
The Age
10/10/2012 Defence treaty to 'censor' research
News Report DefenseWorld.net
10/10/2012 India Will Export Sukhoi T-50 Jets From 2020, Says Russian Defense Minister
Aleksei Mikhailov
Russia and India Report
09/10/2012 Russian Navy gets carbon fibre frigate
News Report RIA Novosti
09/10/2012 India Modifies Brahmos Missile With New Nav System
Rajeev Sharma
Russia and India Report
09/10/2012 $3.77 bn Super Sukhois deal to be signed during Putin’s visit
News Report UPI 08/10/2012 Maliki 'seeks $5B arms deal wit Russia'
News Report Oman Tribune
08/10/2012 Chinese soldiers present in PoK, says army chief
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
07/10/2012 Dane F-35 problem is everyone's problem
News Report Daily Times
07/10/2012 North Korean soldier shoots officers, defects: South military
News Report The Nation
07/10/2012 Pak-Russia relations vital for Asia
News Report CNA via Focus Taiwan
06/10/2012 China conducts drills in wake of Japan-U.S. joint exercise: reports
News Report Turkish Weekly
05/10/2012 Russia Secures Military Base in Tajikistan until 2042
News Report AFP 04/10/2012 US charges 11 in Russian military exports ring
Carlo Kopp and Peter Goon
Air Power Australia
03/10/2012 Russian Weapons Proliferation in Asia (large PDF file)
News Report Belarusian Telegraph Agency
03/10/2012 Russian Defense Ministry under fire for Union State army program failure
David Fawcett
The Strategist
03/10/2012 Minister, mandarins and the military
Joshua Stewart Navy Times 01/10/2012 Rear adm. named deputy of F-35 program
Zaff Solmerin
Business Mirror
01/10/2012 China upgrades military facilities in Spratlys–Sabban
Jana Winter and Jeremy A. Kaplan
Fox News
01/10/2012 Washington confirms Chinese hack attack on White House computer
News Report Pravda 01/10/2012 Russia unveils new military transport aircraft Il-476
David Deptula
AOL Defense
01/10/2012 Missing From Our Two Wars: Clear Goals, Joint Forces

September 2012

Bill Gertz
Free Beacon
29/09/2012 White House Hack Attack
News Report Xinhua 29/09/2012 People's Daily rebukes arms race allegation against China
Jim Kouri
Examiner.com 29/09/2012 Defense contractor's worker stole military technology for China
Yan Meng
People's Daily Online
29/09/2012 PLA photography exhibition held in Beijing Military Museum
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
27/09/2012 RAAF F-35 costs being ignored, spun, by leadership
David Pugliese
Ottawa Citizen
26/09/2012 Government Public Relations Wheels Come Off With W5 F-35 Broadcast
News Report Pan Armenian
25/09/2012 Russia to open military research agency in late 2012
News Report AFP via Herald Sun
23/09/2012 Chinese navy takes delivery of first aircraft carrier
Zin Linn
Asian Correspondent
24/09/2012 Burma President Thein Sein bids to regain China’s trust
News Report Bloomberg Businessweek
23/09/2012 China’s Security Chief Makes Surprise Visit to Afghan Capital
Fang Lihua and Liu Yaxun
PLA Daily via People's Daily Online
24/09/2012 East China Sea Fleet holds drill on multi-arm sea-air joint precision strike
Gleb Bryanski and Olga Dzyubenko
Reuters via Euro News
20/09/2012 Russia cuts Kyrgyz debt for military, power deals
Ezra Sihite
Jakarta Globe
22/09/2012 Indonesia Should Have Gone for Chinooks Over Apaches: House
Steve Bandera
22/09/2012 Ottawa communications firm linked to federal departments and F-35 manufacturer
News Report Press TV
23/09/2012 Russia to export Sukhoi Su-30 fight jets to Uganda
News Report Yonhap News
23/09/2012 N. Korea to attend 6-nation security forum in China
Vladimir Karnozov
Flight Global
21/09/2012 PICTURES: Irkut launches Su-30SM test campaign
News Report RIA Novosti
20/09/2012 Teikovo Division Gets Full Arsenal of New Missile Systems
News Report RIA Novosti
19/09/2012 Russian 'Super-Holding' to Build Hypersonic Missile -Rogozin
Amy Butler
Aviation Week
17/09/2012 USAF Focuses On Next-Gen Hard-Target Killer
Lolita C. Baldor
Sydney Morning Herald
20/09/2012 Panetta talks computer hacking issues with Chinese
Neelam Mathews
AIN Online
21/09/2012 Indian Air Force Chief Outlines Fighter Jet Plans
David Lerman
Bloomberg Business Week
17/09/2012 U.S. Air Force Slams Lockheed Martin on F-35 Program
News Report Reuters via Business Insider
18/09/2012 Pentagon Slams 'Worst Ever' Contractor Lockheed Over F-35 Problems
John Reed
Foreign Policy
17/09/2012 F-35's biggest problems: software and bad relationships
Michael Hoffman
DOD Buzz
18/09/2012 Incoming F-35 acquisition chief blasts Lockheed Martin
David Lerman
18/09/2012 Air Force official criticizes Lockheed on F-35
Colin Clark
AOL Defense
17/09/2012 F-35 Program's Relationship With Lockheed 'Worst I've Ever Seen,' Says Gen. Bogdan
Marcus Weisgerber
Defense News
17/09/2012 Nominated F-35 Program Head Raps Relations With Lockheed
News Report AP via The Sacramento Bee
16/09/2012 Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile
Kim Eun-jung
Yonhap News Agency
18/09/2012 S. Korea develops guided missile targeting N. Korea's underground artillery bases
Bill Sweetman
Aviation Week
17/09/2012 The New Sheriff Ain't Happy
Blog Cdr Salamander
18/09/2012 Remember the Scene from The Sand Pebbles?
David Lague and Charlie Zhu
Reuters 17/09/2012 Insight: China builds its own military-industrial complex
Chinese Internet
bbs.tiexue.net 16/09/2012 Photos:Cloned Russian Tor M1 / SA-15B Gauntlet
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
16/09/2012 China puts out the welcome mat for Panetta visit--a new stealth fighter
Luis Ramirez
Voice of America
13/09/2012 Panetta Heads to China as Territorial Disputes Simmer
David S. Cloud
LA Times
16/09/2012 China wary of U.S. military moves in Asia-Pacific
News Report Zee News
14/09/2012 Chinese Army holds military drill in East China Sea
Rep. J. Randy Forbes AOL Defense
13/09/2012 AirSea Office Must Battle Through, Or Fail
Sydney J. Freedberg
AOL Defense
13/09/2012 Navy UnderSec Fires Over Army Bow In Bid For Budget Bucks
David Porter
Sydney Morning Herald
13/09/2012 Man in NJ trial accused of taking secrets to China
David Axe
Danger Room Blog
10/09/2012 America’s Most Important Warplane Is Old, Ugly … and Flown by NASA
Philip C. Tubeza
Inquirer News
15/09/2012 Philippine Coast Guard needs 30 more ships
John T. Bennett
Defense News
11/09/2012 Romney Calls for ‘Second-to-None’ Military, But F-22 Vow is Questioned
Andrew Chuter
Defense News
11/09/2012 Refueling Boom Falls off Airbus A330 Tanker During Test Flight
Andrea Shalal-Esa
Reuters via Chicago Tribune
10/09/2012 More problems raised at Pentagon F-35 fighter review
Louise Watt and Malcolm Foster
AP via Military.com
11/09/2012 China Sends Patrol Ships to Islands Held by Japan
News Report CRI English
11/09/2012 Aircraft Carrier to Be Named 'Liaoning'
News Report Global Times
11/09/2012 China, Malaysia vow to strengthen military cooperation
Jaime Laude
Phil Star
10/09/2012 Phl to procure long-range maritime spy plane
Press Release
Concern Morinformsystem-Agat 22/08/2012 Video: Club-K, containerized missile system launch test
Press Release
Concern Morinformsystem-Agat 10/09/2012 Photos: Club K, containerized missile system
News Report DVIDS
11/09/2012 The Hawaii Air National Guard (HIANG) and the US Air Force declare Initial Operational Capability (IOC) of Hawaii-based F-22 aircraft
Michael S. Schmidt and Thom Shanker
New York Times
09/09/2012 To Smuggle More Drugs, Traffickers Go Under the Sea
Michael Richardson
Canberra Times
10/09/2012 China's interest is guarding its subs
News Report People's Daily Online
10/09/2012 Lao, Chinese defense ministers meet on military ties
Ching Cheong
The Star
09/09/2012 China shakes up its military
Rahul Singh
Hindustan Times
08/09/2012 China multiplies its war toys, India plays catch-up
Blog Alert 5
10/09/2012 Photo: PLAAF Su-30MKK in desert paint scheme
Ilya Kramnik
Voice of Russia via Space War
07/09/2012 Nuclear-powered cruisers' upgrade: when economy is pointless
Joseph A. Bosco and Wallace C. Gregson
Gulf News
07/09/2012 China’s territorial aggression reminiscent of imperial Japan
Winslow Wheeler
Foreign Policy
06/09/2012 Parliamentary Lights
Ismira Lutfia
Jakarta Globe
01/09/2012 Indonesian Air Force Welcomes Delivery of 4 ‘Anti-Guerrilla’ Fighter Planes
Michael Bachelard
Sydney Morning Herald
04/09/2012 Clinton defends Indonesia arms deal
Miles Yu
Washington Times
05/09/2012 Inside China: Indian Ocean fortress
Jens Kastner
Asia Times
06/09/2012 Taiwanese frigate captures Chinese cadre
News Report Focus Taiwan
05/09/2012 Military to follow national policies on deployment in Spratlys
News Report Jagran Post
04/09/2012 Russia to build new inter-continental ballistic missile by 2018
News Report RIA Novosti via Space Daily
05/09/2012 Russia Delays 2012 Military Launches After Satellite Failure
News Report RIA Novosti
03/09/2012 Russia to Complete Helicopter Gunship Deal to Brazil in 2012
News Report Interfax via Russia Beyond the Headlines
04/09/2012 Two parts of Russian nuclear triad armed with nuclear weapon systems
Adam Westlake
Japan Daily Press
05/09/2012 Military to simulate drills for North Korean missile & Chinese territory dispute
Joseph Puder
Front Page
05/09/2012 The Growing Chinese-Israeli Relationship
Mark Corcoran
ABC News
03/09/2012 Revealed: US flew spy drone missions from Australia
News Report The Hindu
01/09/2012 China developing new class of guided missile destroyer: report
Blog China Defense Blog
30/08/2012 Type 052D LUYANG III-Class DDG, what we do know so far
News Report RT.com 31/08/2012 Russia to develop sea-based space-defense system
News Report Balkans.com 31/08/2012 Six global supersonic jet manufacturers present their planes to the Serbian Air Force
Novan Iman Santosa
Jakarta Post
01/09/2012 Indonesia gets new shark-faced warbirds
Maria Panina
Times of Malta
01/09/2012 Russia will never forget

August 2012

Qin Zhongwei and Zhang Yunbi Xinhuanet.com 31/08/2012 China vows to defend islands
News Report Wall Street Journal-Live
30/08/2012 Video--Defending the East China Sea From China
News Report Global Times
30/08/2012 Chinese army capable of safeguarding maritime rights
Alexander Martin
The Wall Street Journal
30/08/2012 Former Defense Minister Calls for Military Force to Defend Islands
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
31/08/2012 Senate report on Defence procurement learning disability can be read here
News Report UPI 30/08/2012 Russia working on hypersonic vehicle
News Report AP via The Washington Post
29/08/2012 Chinese-born American sentenced to 4 years in prison for stealing trade secrets from Motorola
Press Release
Press Information Bureau, Government of India 30/08/2012 Delay in Construction of Six Submarines
News Report Navy Recognition
31/08/2012 South Korean Navy takes delivery of third KDX-III class Aegis destroyer
News Report Navy Recognition
29/08/2012 North Sea Boats to Launch New 63m Stealth Fast Missile Patrol Vessel for Indonesian Navy
David Lague
Reuters 28/08/2012 Analysis: China's aircraft carrier: in name only
News Report The Times of India
28/08/2012 China tests mobile-8400-mile 10RV capable ICBM
Robert Densmore
Defence Report
26/08/2012 DefRep weekly recap: Sukhoi’s T-50 to trump F-35 stealth capability
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
29/08/2012 F-35 Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) in jeopardy
News Report Ceske Noviny
28/08/2012 Russian spies interested in Czech economy - military intelligence
News Report The Times of India
29/08/2012 India inks MoU with Russia for making long-range Smerch rockets
News Report RT.com 28/08/2012 Russia to complete Kuril troops’ reinforcement by 2014
Keith Bradsher
New York Times
24/08/2012 China Is Said to Be Bolstering Missile Capabilities
News Report Space War
24/08/2012 China, US to begin new arms race
News Report Vietnam.net 27/08/2012 To prevent China from bullying its neighbors
Robert Tilford
Examiner.com 24/08/2012 Russia to double size of airborne forces over the next 7 years
News Report AAP via Herald Sun
27/08/2012 Super Hornet set to serve for decades
Andrew Erickson and Gabe Collins
Wall Street Journal
24/08/2012 China’s Ballistic Missiles: A Force to be Reckoned With
Lora Saalman
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
23/08/2012 China's Evolution on Ballistic Missile Defense
Heo Mane
The Korea Herald
22/08/2012 Why is South Korea’s missile range limited?
Kornelius Purba
Jakarta Post
24/08/2012 China’s flagging economic aid to North Korea
Dr. Farish A. Noor
Straits Times via Jakarta Globe
22/08/2012 Understanding the Call for Indonesian Nationalism
Peter Kazimiroff
Janes 22/08/2012 Russia deploys S-400 to Far East
Ismira Lutfia
Jakarta Globe
17/08/2012 US Offering Additional F-16s to Indonesia as Part of Defense Pact
News Report KyivPost 21/08/2012 Kazan aircraft maker hopes An-70 program will contribute to personnel recovery
News Report RIA Novosti
21/08/2012 Russian Paratroopers Test New 120-mm Mortars
News Report The Globe and Mail
21/08/2012 Fly before you buy, critic says of Harper's proposed F-35 procurement
Jennifer McArdle
Asia Times
21/08/2012 Indonesia and Chinese 'congagement'
News Report RIA Novosti
21/08/2012 Russian Plant to Make Mi-171 Helicopters for China
Natasha Doff
The Moscow News
20/08/2012 Russia’s Far East dilemma
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
22/08/2012 Chinese made Backfire long range bomber to see West Pacific service
News Report The Voice of Russia
17/08/2012 India, Pakistan again exchange border fire
News Report UPI 17/08/2012 Russia readies nuclear submarine fleet
Paidamoyo Muzulu
China and ‘recolonisation’ of Zim 17/08/2012 China and ‘recolonisation’ of Zim
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
20/08/2012 The ADF that is not
Michael Fabey
Aviation Week
16/08/2012 U.S. Navy Officials Suppressed Bad LCS-1 Test Results
News Report Thanh Nien News
15/08/2012 Russian Kilo-class submarine for Vietnam ready
News Report VOA via Chosun Media
17/08/2012 Indonesia, China to Sign Missile Production Agreement
News Report 96.4 Eagle UK
16/08/2012 China-Japan Tensions Rise Amid Islands Row
George Roberts
14/08/2012 Indonesia not ready for military, police to vote
Rajat Pandit
The Times of India
16/08/2012 India boring border tunnels to take on China, Pakistan
David Pierson
Los Angeles Times
15/08/2012 China and North Korea push development of trade zones
News Report UPI 15/08/2012 Russia deploys missile defense regiment
Blog China Defense Blog
12/08/2012 Photos-China Launch Passenger RoRo Ship with Military Capability
News Report Asia One
14/08/2012 Singapore's new combat planes debut in biennial exercise
Charles Diggs
Bellona 14/08/2012 Skyrocketing costs of launching ‘new’ nuclear submarine flex muscles Russia does not have
Brendan O'Reilly
Asia Times
15/08/2012 China's winning strategy in Africa
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
15/08/2012 Understanding F-35 flight test "progress"
News Report The Voice of Russia
11/08/2012 Air force to play a bigger part in Russias security - Putin
Robert Tilford
Examiner 11/08/2012 600 new combat planes, 1000 helicopters by 2020, says Putin
News Report AAP via Herald Sun
12/08/2012 Putin promises to boost Russian air force
News Report Defense Update
10/08/2012 Russia Plans to Field the T-99, a Radically New Main Battle Tank by 2015
News Report The Voice of Russia
10/08/2012 S-400 systems to be rolled out near Moscow
News Report PLA Daily via MarineLink
10/08/2012 China Launch Passenger RoRo Ship with Military Capability
News Report The Hindu
11/08/2012 Submarine version of BrahMos soon
Neelam Mathews
AIN online
10/08/2012 Indians Discuss Future Carrier Plans
Jennifer McDermott
The Day
10/08/2012 New report suggests Navy should build three submarines annually
Opinion Wall Street Journal
10/08/2012 The Bully of the South China Sea
News Report RIA Novosti
08/08/2012 Sukhoi Continues Tests of Su-35 Fighter Jet
News Report Peoples Daily
06/08/2012 Russia to mass produce 5th generation fighters in 2015
Tony Capaccio
Bloomberg Businessweek
09/08/2012 Navy Delays Carrier’s Combat Tests, Weapons Tester Says
News Report New York Times via Hindustan Times
08/08/2012 China’s ruling party frets about military influence
Murray Brewster
Calgary Herald
08/08/2012 Audit of F-35 numbers up in the air more than two months after report deadline
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
08/08/2012 UK to have degraded air-defense capability with the F-35
Murray Brewster
Canadian Business
07/08/2012 Canadian defence contractor slapped for software military exports to China
News Report Focus Taiwan
06/08/2012 Talk of the Day -- Beijing's salami-slicing strategy in South China Sea
News Report UPI 07/08/2012 Chinese military troubles Levin, McCain
News Report Deccan Herald
08/08/2012 Navy’s aircraft carrier not to be ready until 2017
Richard Dudley
Defense Update
08/08/2012 Two US Minehunters Join Taiwan Navy
News Report China Daily
08/08/2012 Indonesia orders 3 submarines from ROK
News Report RIA Novosti
08/08/2012 Kavkaz-2012 Drills to Involve Live Firing of Iskander Missiles
Anthony H. Cordesman
Center for Strategic & International Studies
01/08/2012 Iran: Preventing War by Making It Credible
Robert Tilford
FARS and Examiner 04/08/2012 Iran upgrades its MiG 29 fighter jets with modern electronics
News Report Taipei Times
06/08/2012 Military punishes ‘rogue’ admiral for going off course
News Report Focus Taiwan
05/08/2012 Taiwan's transport planes can be refitted as tanker aircraft
News Report Sky News
02/08/2012 China military strength put on display
News Report UPI 01/08/2012 Chinese leaders mark military anniversary
John Unson
Phil Star
01/08/2012 12 rescued off Maguindanao waters after pirate attack
Blog China Defense Blog
01/08/2012 China's aircraft carrier platform finishes 9th sea trial
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
02/08/2012 F-35 fantasy capability map

July 2012

Blog Alert 5
31/07/2012 Photo: Front view of J-21, F60, dumpling, HuiYing
News Report Deccan Herald
29/07/2012 Enhanced BrahMos missile test-fired
Chappy Hakim
The Jakarta Post
31/07/2012 Leopards, submarines and Sukhois
Vladimir Karnazov International Relations and Security Network
30/07/2012 Carrier Killers for the Russian Navy: The Strategic Environment
C. Raja Mohan
The Indian Express
30/07/2012 A Russian Naval Base in Vietnam?
Kiyoshi Takenaka
Reuters 31/07/2012 Japan flags Chinese army's growing role as risk issue
Yuka Hayashi
The Wall Street Journal
30/07/2012 Tokyo Seeks to Expand Defense Against China
News Report AP via The Washington Post
31/07/2012 Japan concerned by Chinese naval activity, lack of transparency in decision-making process
Isabel Reynolds
Bloomberg 31/07/2012 China, South Korea Slam Japanese Claims Over Disputed Islands
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
30/07/2012 What the F-22 vs. the Typhoon tells us
News Report The Times of India
27/07/2012 Beijing looks for military solution to island dispute
John Teo
New Straits Times
27/07/2012 Stakes are high in the South China Sea
Kishore Mahbubani
Straits Times
27/07/2012 Is China Losing the Diplomatic Plot?
Michael Richardson
The Japan Times
30/07/2012 China's gunboat diplomacy
Jarius Bondoc
PhilStar 30/07/2012 China's state-sponsored poachers will be back
Photo Album
Defence 26/07/2012 Photos-Indonesian SU-30/SU-27 visit Australia
David Lague
Reuters 25/07/2012 China's hawks gaining sway in South China sea dispute
News Report Xinhua via Global Times
24/07/2012 Indonesia plans to increase military expenditure budget next year
News Report RIA Novosti
23/07/2012 Medvedev Calls for Faster Rearmament
Bradley Perrett
Aviation Week
25/07/2012 China Shows Z-9WZ Helicopter In Rare Media Access To Base
Alexa Olesen
Stars and Stripes
24/07/2012 China's newest city is on tiny island, has big aim
News Report UPI 23/07/2012 Pyongyang rumors raise questions
Walter Hickey
Business Insider
23/07/2012 A Full Rundown Of Russia's Immense Military Acquisitions
News Report Interfax 24/07/2012 Aviakon and France's Sagem to jointly modernize Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopters
Blog Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces
24/07/2012 RS-24 missiles to replace UR-100NUTTH in Kozelsk
Jamil Anderlini
FT Magazine
20/07/2012 Bo Xilai: power, death and politics
News Report Voice of America
22/07/2012 China Approves City Council, Military Base in Disputed Islands
News Report GMA News
22/07/2012 China to deploy new military garrison in West Philippine Sea
News Report China Daily
20/07/2012 China to deploy military garrison in S China Sea
Jose Katigbak
PhilStar 21/07/2012 Chinese exec wants to arm fishermen
News Report The Times of India
22/07/2012 Russia likely to induct BrahMos in navy
News Report NAVAIR News
19/07/2012 Navy carriers prepare for X-47B unmanned aircraft arrival next year
Press Release
Raytheon 19/07/2012 Small Diameter Bomb II finds, hits moving target
News Report RIA Novosti
17/07/2012 Russia Offers India Joint GLONASS Development
Zaff Solmerin
Business Mirror
19/07/2012 DND on Chinese military strength: We will defend the Philippine territory ‘whatever happens’
Blog Eric Palmer Blog
20/07/2012 In-coming USAF boss faces significant F-35 troubles
News Report AP via Washington Post
20/07/2012 China-born American convicted of stealing Motorola trade secrets
Bill Gertz
The Washington Free Beacon
17/07/2012 China shows off second new stealth jet development in two years
Alex Kane
Herald Sun
19/07/2012 US keeps eye on China's space program
Andrei Lankov
Washington Post via Gulf News
19/07/2012 What China gains by propping up North Korea
Keith Button
Defense News
17/07/2012 U.S. Navy Touts Cost Savings From Intel Squadron Cuts
Lauren Biron
Defense News
17/07/2012 DARPA Tests Gigapixel Cameras
Nachiket Mhatre
Tech Tree
26/06/2012 Stealth-Capable Unmanned Bomber IUSAV Under Development In India
Valeriy Kashin
The Voice of Russia via Russian & India Report
14/07/2012 Russia to resume production of IL-76
Victor Litovkin
Russia, Beyond the Headlines
26/06/2012 Modern weaponry up close and personal
Oleg Nekhai
The Voice of Russia
02/07/2012 S-500 – a miracle of a weapon
News Report RIA Novosti
17/07/2012 New S-400 Long-Range Missile Ready For Service – Official
Konstantin Bogdanov RIA Novosti
17/07/2012 Russia’s Changing Aircraft Export Strategy
News Report AFP 15/07/2012 Taiwan mulls extending runway in Spratlys: report
News Report RIA Novosti via Russia & India Report
14/07/2012 Aerospace forces to carry out first S-400 firings
Qin Zhongwei
China Daily
16/07/2012 China and Indonesia training session strengthens ties
News Report ABC.net 16/07/2012 North Korean army chief removed 'for his illness'
Blue Diamond Photographic
Flickr 7/07/2012 Photo, Yak-130
Bill Sweetman
Aviation Week, Ares blog
13/07/2012 If you did it, it's not bragging
News Report BBC 14/07/2012 Philippines urges China to explain stranded frigate
News Report Daily Times
15/07/2012 Chinese media accuses Clinton of ‘meddling’
Jojo Malig
ABS-SBNnews.com 13/07/2012 Chinese Navy frigate runs aground off Palawan
News Report The Chosunilbo
15/07/2012 China 'Developing Satellites to Guide Missiles'
News Report Xinhuanet 12/07/2012 Senior Chinese military official meets Belarusian military chief on relations
News Report The Economic Times
12/07/2012 Work on submarine launched BrahMos in final stages
T.S. Subramanian The Hindu
13/07/2012 Nuke-capable Agni-I missile test successful
Robert Tilford
The Examiner
12/07/2012 Iran tripling its fleet of mini–submarines and producing more sea mines
Blog Cdr Salamander
14/07/2012 Another Littoral Combat Ship shoe drops
Olga Ilchenko
The Voice of Russia
13/07/2012 RIMPAC: Russian, US warships drill together
Blog Nosint Blog
10/07/2012 New video of Syrian Air Defence Exercise
News Report Daily Times
11/07/2012 China warns ASEAN on South China Sea row
News Report AFP 09/07/2012 China launches naval war games
Neelam Mathews
AINonline 09/07/2012 Telephonics Delivers Multi-mode Radar to Canadian Air Force
Robert N. Charette
Spectrum IEEE
06/07/2012 Drones and GPS Spoofing Redux
Charles Alcock
AINonline 09/07/2012 Pratt & Whitney Pushes To Drive Down F135 Costs As Production Peaks
Mackenzie Eaglen
AOL Defense
09/07/2012 CNO Ready To Cut Back On F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
News Report China Post
10/07/2012 Malfunctioning drone ruins near-perfect military exercise
News Report China Daily
09/07/2012 Navy fleet trains in South China Sea
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
10/07/2012 Australian DCP updated-still a lot questions about the high-risk F-35
Lee Tae-hoon The Korea Times
06/28/2012 Seoul threatens to disqualify F-35
Oliver Holmes
Reuters 08/07/2012 Syria tests missiles against coastal attack
News Report Xinhua via Global Times
08/07/2012 Chinese top leaders call for innovation in science,technology
Mark Adomanis
Forbes 06/07/2012 Russia's Arms Buildup Is Still Proceeding at a Snail's Pace
News Report Dutch News
03/07/2012 Most MPs back ditching the JSF fighter jet, despite the cost
News Report AP via The Sacramento Bee
04/07/2012 Argentina signs deals with China's military
News Report Financial Review
04/07/2012 Ties with Indonesia must mature rapidly
News Report AP via ABC News
27/06/2012 Successful Test of Interceptor Missile off Hawaii
News Report ABC.es 22/06/2012 Iran received an F-16 from Venezuela to calibrate their radar (Google translate-Spanish to English)
Arie Egozi
Flight Global
24/06/2012 Elbit to upgrade South Korean C-130 transports
News Report AFP 25/06/2012 Taiwan, US to sign fighter radar contract: report
Dave Majumdar
Flight Global
25/06/2012 Third X-51 hypersonic test vehicle to fly soon
blog Alert5 04/07/2012 Rare 70′s video of China’s FanJi 1 ABM interceptor
News Report UPI 03/07/2012 Iran to use mines, missiles to shut Hormuz
News Report Bloomberg via HeraldNet
03/07/2012 Russia threatens to sell deadly missiles to Iran
News Report Focus Taiwan
02/07/2012 Talk of the Day -- China forms missile brigade for South China Sea
News Report RIA Novosti
25/06/2012 Bulava 'De Facto' Enters Service – Navy Chief
Ira Iosebashvili
NASDAQ 02/07/2012 Russia May Delay Planned $617 Billion Military Spending Program - Report
News Report RIA Novosti
27/06/2012 New Containerized Missile System on Show
Manuel Mogato and Stuart Grudgings
Reuters 03/07/2012 Philippines may ask for U.S. spy planes over South China Sea
News Report PS News
25/06/2012 PS closed to draft dodgers
News Report China.org.cn 03/07/2012 China, Indonesia launch joint anti-terror drill
News Report Xinhua 03/07/2012 Indonesia decides to buy Leopard tanks from Germany
Willy Lam
Wall Street Journal
01/07/2012 China's hawks in command
News Report Xinhua news and AFP via Yahoo7
02/07/2012 China sends patrol ships to disputed waters
News Report CNN via Fox2now
29/06/2012 U.S. firm’s subidiaries admit role in sending military software to China
Sean O'Connor
IMINT & Analysis
30/06/2012 Captured Syrian Radar Position
News Report Radio, The Voice of Russia
29/06/2012 Military equipment for Russian Army and for export
News Report RIA Novosti via Radio Vesti
28/06/2012 Launch S-400 Triumph successfully tested (Google-translate, Russian to English)
News Report RIA Novosti via NY Daily News
29/06/2012 Russian army to get first indigenous UAV in 2014
News Report Radio Australia
01/07/2012 Contract tightens scrutiny on sub fleet maintenance
John Garnaut
Fairfax Media
Strongmen of China playing a risky game of thrones

June 2012

Colin Clark
AOL Defense
29/06/2012 Pratt Pleads Guilty To Illegal Weapons Sale To Chinese; UTC Parent Coughs Up $75M
News Report
Russia halts plans to supply S-300 missile system to Syria - reports
Robert Beckhusen
25/06/2012 Putin Wants a Darpa of His Own
News Report
23/06/2012 Newly-supplied Russian Buk-M2 anti-air missile used to down Turkish warplane
News Report
Turkey: Syria's downing of military jet cannot be ignored
News Report The Washington Post
20/06/2012 2 Russian professors convicted of divulging missile secrets to China
News Report The Economic Times
19/06/2012 Sukhoi fighters to be equipped with BrahMos missiles
News Report Associated Press
19/06/2012 Russian Ship to Syria Turned Back After U.K. Weapons Alert
Roxana Tiron
Bloomberg News
19/06/2012 U.S. Navy Bets $42 Billion on Carriers in China’s Sights
Andrew E. Kramer
The New York Times
Russia Sending Missile Systems to Shield Syria
News Report Voice of Russia
15/06/2012 Turkey wants to buy Russian defense system
Brendan Nicholson
The Australian
Royal commission looms to target Defence Force abuse culprits
Paul Nash
Diplomatic Courier
14/06/2012 Storm Clouds on the Horizon: A Possible New Cold War with China
David Ellery
Canberra Times
14/06/2012 Defence 'learnt' acquisition lessons
Harumi Ozawa
12/06/2012 China 'shipped missile vehicles to N.Korea'
News Report
Indian Defence
Indian aircraft carrier, INS Vikramaditya starts its sea trials
Richard Rousseau
Eurasia Review
The Tortuous Sino-Russian Arms Trade – Analysis
A/CDRE E.J.Bushell
Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee
Inquiry into Procurement procedures for Defence capital projects: Submission
News Report RIA Novosti
04/06/2012 Russian Ballistic Missiles to Cover Tracks
News Report ASD News
04/06/2012 New upgrades revitalize B-1B Lancers
News Report CNTV via Xinhaunet 04/06/2012 China's aircraft carrier completes 7th sea trial
Ben Sandilands
Plane Talking
04/06/2012 China stealth combat jet videos pose defence questions
Jaime Laude
Phil Star
04/06/2012 Chinese newspaper hits Philippines
Ellyne Phneah
ZDNet 04/06/2012 Japan: Chinese 'spy' tried to obtain military tech data
Michael Pecht and Len Zuga AOL Defense
04/06/2012 U.S. Companies -- Not China -- Pose The Real Counterfeit Parts Problem
Blog China Defense Blog
04/06/2012 Photo of the day: J-20 2002's head up display
News Report RIA Novosti
01/06/2012 Russia to Buy 60 An-70 Propfans
David Lague
Reuters 01/06/2012 From a ferry, a Chinese fast-attack boat
Blog Information Dissemination
01/06/2012 Talking About Ships with LMCO Characteristics
Gabe Collins
The Diplomat
01/06/2012 12 Things Missing from China Report

May 2012

News Report Next Gov
31/05/2012 UK researchers discover back-door in American military chip
News Report JSF News
31/05/2012 Australian companies: problems because of delays with F-35
Jamie Yap
ZD Net
31/05/2012 China's military chief calls for cyber rules
News Report CRI
31/05/2012 Indonesian, US Navies Commence Joint Military Drill
J. Michael Cole
Taipei Times
30/05/2012 Russia’s ‘no’ on arms sale to China aids Taiwan
Greg Waldron
Flight Global
30/05/2012 CATIC targets 300 JF-17 sales in five years
News Report Focus Taiwan
30/05/2012 Ministry to mull fitting cruise missiles on planned warships
Greg Waldron
Flight Global
30/05/2012 India's HAL and Russia's UAC-TA sign transport aircraft development deal
News Report JSF News
30/05/2012 RNLAF: reduction to 42 F-16’s – Airbase Leeuwarden closed
News Report RIA Novosti
29/05/2012 Indian Frigate Sails for Sea Trials in Russia
News Report The Indian Express
29/05/2012 2 Akash missiles test-fired, 1 successful
Peter E. Greene
Windsor Star
29/05/2012 Check out other jets
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
29/05/2012 Obsolete carrier air wing
J. Michael Cole
Taipei Times
28/05/2012 Taiwanese air force faces plane shortage by 2020
Chen Dianhong and Mi Jinguo
People's Daily Online
28/05/2012 Long-range diagnosis done for Chinese naval escort ship
Chu Zhaogen
China Daily
28/05/2012 Philippines must stop running amok
Amy Butler
Aviation Week
28/05/2012 USAF Lets The Air Out Of Blue Devil II Airship
Remy Davison
The Conversation
27/05/2012 Australian appeasement: the slow boat to China
Giovanni de Briganti Defense-Aerospace 27/05/2012 F-35 Reality Check Ten Years On, Part 2: The Jobs Mirage and Other Stories
Nancy Liu
Focus Taiwan
27/05/2012 Taiwan aware of new Chinese military airport in Fujian
Dave Majumdar
Flight Global
27/05/2012 US Navy Next Generation Jammer proceeds, but F-35 integration deferred indefinitely
News Report The Yomiuri Shimbun
27/05/2012 China-Philippine confrontation a warning for Senkakus
Kirk Spitzer
Time-Battleland Blog
27/05/2012 Clock Ticks On China-Japan Islands Dispute
Andrew E. Kramer
New York Times via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
27/05/2012 Russia reports successful test of missile
Rep. Todd Akin
AOL Defense
27/05/2012 Why Doesn't The F-35 Program Follow The Rules?
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
27/05/2012 Spend-thrift Defence faces new budget reality--badly
Neelam Mathews
AIN Online
27/05/2012 India’s Version of Sukhoi T-50 Delayed by Two Years
News Report RIA Novosti
24/05/2012 Russia Turns on New Missile Warning Radar
News Report The Hindu
24/05/2012 Surface-to-air Akash missile test fired successfully
News Report Nine MSN
24/05/2012 China cancels military visit to Japan
Press Release
Defpro 24/05/2012 Republic of Korea Requests Sale of UGM-84L Harpoon Missiles
Sabrina Zhang
WCARN 24/05/2012 MA60 Makes Its First Export to Cambodia
News Report AFP via Courier Mail
24/05/2012 Ex-guerrilla takes charge in E. Timor
David Ellery
Canberra Times
C-27J airframes make up just a 5th of total cost
News Report Voice of Russia
23/05/2012 Russia's military aircraft industry: overview and outlook
News Report NY Daily News
23/05/2012 Russia to boost scientific research : Putin
News Report IBN-Live 23/05/2012 Agni-VI to be ready by mid 2014
Bob Cox
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
23/05/2012 Lockheed still working on F-35 despite strike
Report POGO 15/03/2005 Early C-130J procurement history
Tony Capaccio
Bloomberg 22/05/2012 China Top Source Of Counterfeit U.S. Military Electronics
News Report ABC Radio Australia
22/05/2012 Report uncovers counterfeit Chinese parts in US military planes
News Report Chosunilbo 22/05/2012 S.Korea to Build 500-600 More Missiles
News Report Russia and India Report
22/05/2012 India inducts 15 MiG-29Ks for carrier operations
Blog China Defense Blog
22/05/2012 Photo of the day: Zhoushan Naval Base
Blog Cdr Salamander
22/05/2012 LCS & More At CATO
Eleanor Hall
ABC Australia-The World Today
22/05/2012 Analyst calls for radical rethink of Indonesia policy
Bernard Lane
The Australian (subscription)
22/05/2012 Jakarta aid to embarrass Aussies
Philip Wen
Sydney Morning Herald
22/05/2012 Chinese official: it's us or America
News Report Tempo 22/05/2012 RP-Russia war games possible
CFP AOC Conferences 22/05/2012 Pacific Theater Air, Sea Battlespace IO/EW/Cyber Operations Conference
Bill Gertz
Washington Free Beacon
21/05/2012 Pentagon shortens, softens, annual report on China's military in apparent bid to curry favor with Beijing
Greg Jaffe
Washington Post
21/05/2012 China strengthens military, Pentagon report says
Stephen Trimble Flight Global-The Dew Line
27/10/2011 VIDEO: Russian TV special on PAK-FA engine
Video YouTube 21/05/2012 A day with Susi Air-STOL ops in the PNG
J. Michael Cole
Taipei Times
18/05/2012 Experts puzzled by mysterious UAVs on Chinese frigate
Zach Rosenberg
Flight Global
18/05/2012 Three rockets launch six satellites
News Report China Daily
18/05/2012 Russia unveils Ka-62 multipurpose helicopter
News Report China Daily
18/05/2012 US,China seek uninterrupted military ties
Rodney Jaleco
18/05/2012 US think-tank warns China spat to worsen
Mark Palen
The Australian-subscription
18/05/2012 Containing China
Blog China Defense Blog
17/05/2012 China is offered to build Indonesia's costal C4I system
News Report RIA Novosti
17/05/2012 Russian Air Force Gets First Modernized An-124s
Blog Alert5.com 17/05/2012 Photo: J-20 #2002 makes first flight
Press Release
Navy Recognition
17/05/2012 ATLAS ELEKTRONIK sets new range record for Torpedoes, reaching more than 140 Km
News Report Xinhuanet 17/05/2012 China's first aircraft carrier completes 6th sea trial
Samantha Michaels & Ulma Haryanto Jakarta Globe
17/05/2012 Who is Minding the Indonesian Military's Business Ties?
News Report Reuters via The West Australian
16/05/2012 China military paper warns officers to toe party line
News Report Vietnam.net
16/05/2012 Vietnam’s second satellite launched into the orbit
Dean Cheng
AOL Defense
16/05/2012 Shocks From Chinese Political Scandal Spread From Beijing To Philippines
Laura Payton
CBC News
16/05/2012 Auditor takes on defence brass over F-35 cost calculations
Nick Lee-Frampton
Defense News
16/05/2012 NZ Struggles To Crew Ships, Considers New Seasprites
Teuila Fuatai
New Zealand Hearld
16/05/2012 Lack of staff link to navy curbs denied
Sam Fellman
Navy Times
16/05/2012 $2.2M sub mishap was ‘avoidable,’ report says
Sophia Wu
Focus Taiwan
15/05/2012 Talk of the Day -- More ships fitted with Hsiungfeng III missile
Hugh White
Sydney Morning Herald
15/05/2012 Our military strategies indefensible
Duncan Gardham
The Telegraph
15/05/2012 English language al-Qaeda training manual revealed
Marcus Weisgerber
Air Force Times
15/05/2012 Guard tests pod on F-15C for tracking ability
Blog Alert 5
14/05/2012 Spot the difference : J-20 #2001, 2002
News Report Pan Armenian
14/05/2012 Russia may test new ship-based air defense missile system by yearend
Jatinder Kaur Tur Deccan Chronicle
14/05/2012 After Agni-V, Nirbhay on test bed
Richard Alleyne The Telegraph
14/05/2012 WWII fighter plane hailed the 'aviation equivalent of Tutankhamun's Tomb' found preserved in the Sahara
David Ellery
Canberra Times
14/05/2012 Smith under attack from losing bidder
News Report RIA Novosti
14/05/2012 Russia Testing Italian Tank
News Report Reuters via Chicago Tribune
14/05/2012 House panel focuses on China's defense buildup
News Report AFP via Herald Sun
14/05/2012 Russian spy ‘told missile secrets'
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
14/05/2012 Weekend Fear
Gabe Collins and Andrew Erickson Wall Street Journal
14/05/2012 Is China About to Get Its Military Jet Engine Program Off the Ground?
News Report Dong-A Ilbo
11/05/2012 China hints at military action in island row with Philippines
Stan Grant and Paul Armstrong CNN via Local10.com
11/05/2012 Tensions over disputed island appear to ease
News Report Reuters 11/05/2012 US House panel focuses on China's defense buildup
Blog China Defense Blog
11/05/2012 Chinese Maritime Surveillance (CMS) to commission 36 cutters in 3 years
Blog Cdr Salamander
11/05/2012 Fullbore Friday
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
11/05/2012 ADF--It is expensive, it must be good?
Max Blenkin
The Telegraph
11/05/2012 Australia to buy aircraft the US rejected
Ben Iannotta
Defense News
10/05/2012 Progress Cited on Cruise Missile Defense
Miles Yu
Washington Times
10/05/2012 Inside China: Hobnobbing, war hysteria escalate
Michael Fabey Aviation Week
10/05/2012 What Price Freedom? LCS-1 Leaves Dry Dock Amid Questions About Worthiness
Giovanni de Briganti Defense-Aerospace 10/05/2012 F-35 Reality Check Ten Years On -- Part 1: ‘Fifth-Generation’ and Other Myths
Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 15--ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON COMPLAINT REGARDING THE PRESENTATION BY LOCKHEED MARTIN REGARDING REPSIM PTY LTD
Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 14--THE AUSTRALIAN DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE: A CULTURE OF INCONGRUENCE BETWEEN POLICY AND PERFORMANCE
Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 13--Are Unsupported Assertions Data or Facts, let alone Evidence, upon which to Rely?
Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 11--ASSESSING THE EVIDENCE PROVIDED BY AVM KYM OSLEY, NEW AIR COMBAT CAPABILITY PROJECT MANAGER

Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 10--RE: APA Submission No 4 to the JSCFADT Hearings into the JSF - Thana Marketing, KPIs and the JSF Program
Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 9--There is Nothing Normal nor Usual let alone Standard about the JSF . . .
Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 7--Answers to the 07 February 2012 Defence Sub-Committee of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Simulation assumptions, issues and visualisation, REPSIM Pty Ltd
Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 6--From Mr. Erik Peacock, To the secretariat, Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011
Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 5--F-35 JSF Air Combat Capability Information for Defence Sub-Committee Members
Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 3--THE EVOLVING THREAT ENVIRONMENT Reference Threat Capabilities versus the Joint Strike Fighter (Materialised Predictions from APA Founders’ Threat Assessments dating back to Circa 1998)
Submission Update (PDF files) Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 10/05/2012 Submission 2--“CHECKING THE DATA & THE FACTS;. . . .THEN TESTING THE EVIDENCE” a.k.a. TRUTH DERIVED FROM DATA & FACTS VS A TOTAL INDIFFERENCE TO WHAT IS REAL
News Report KITV News
09/05/2012 RIMPAC exercise to begin in late June
News Report The Times of India
09/05/2012 India to get aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov next year
News Report Radio Netherlands Worldwide
09/05/2012 Sale of Dutch tanks to Indonesia disputed
News Report The Korea Herald
09/05/2012 Korea to launch multipurpose observation satellite May 18
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
09/05/2012 Waking up
News Report Defense Update
09/05/2012 China is Interested in the Russian S400 Triumf
Arie Egozi
Flight Global
08/05/2012 Boeing offers high-speed boom for Israeli tankers
Ryan McGreal
Raise The Hammer (blog)
08/05/2012 F-35 Fighter Jet a Grossly Overpriced Dud
David Pugliese
Ottawa Citizen
08/05/2012  F-35 purchase based on a 160-word letter from the DND
Bob Cox
Sky Talk
08/05/2012 Lockheed awarded $237.8 million contract to cover increased F-35 costs
Seth Robson
Stars and Stripes
08/05/2012 Serving Down Under: Australia offers military jobs to US troops facing separation
Pilip Ewing
DOD Buzz
08/05/2012 Report: Navy’s next-jet-itis irks sibling services
News Report Agence France-Presse via ABS-CBN
07/05/2012 China worsening the insult: PH military
Ben Barber
Kansas City Star
07/05/2012 The Spratly standoff
Gisela Sommer & Lin Rui Epoch Times
07/05/2012 Chinese Military Identifies ‘Hostile Forces’ for ‘Attack and Removal’
Richard Baker
Sydney Morning Herald
07/05/2012 Secret files on Labor MP's wealthy donor
Minxin Pei
Wall Street Journal
04/05/2012 How Much Longer Will the East Be Red?
Jeff Davis
04/05/2012 French general disputes F-35 'interoperability' argument
Paul Dibb
The Australian (subscription)
04/05/2012 Modest US military presence is in our interest
Ben Packham
The Australian
04/05/2012 Australia's next submarines may be better imported than built locally, says Coalition
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
04/05/2012 Australia's real air capability plan
News Report Xinhaunet 04/05/2012 China's aircraft carrier completes sea trial
News Report Zee News
04/05/2012 171 pilots, 39 civilians killed so far in 482 MiG
News Report Defense Update
03/05/2012 Beyond Visual Range – Stealth Fighters in Asia
Video YouTube 03/05/2012 J-20 video shows weapons bays (near end of video)
Matthew Pennington
AP Via News Day
03/05/2012 Philippines seeks US help to build its military
News Report RIA Novosti
03/05/2012 Russia Pulls Out of Indonesian Rocket System Tender
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
03/05/2012 New 2013 Defence White Paper failed before it starts
News Report Defense Update
03/05/2012 With 150 New Submarines to be Built until 2021, the Submarine Market Seems to be on Solid Ground
Floyd Whaley
New York Times
02/05/2012 U.S. Reaffirms Defense of Philippines in Standoff With China
WInslow Wheeler
Time-Battle-land Blog
02/05/2012 The Pentagon’s Million-Dollar Aviation Plan
News Report Channel News Asia
02/05/2012 Taiwan sets up airborne unit for Spratlys
Craig Hoyle
Flight Global
02/05/2012 ECA secures funds for NATO aggressor aircraft purchase
Press Release
Australian Defence
02/05/2012 Joint exercise to enhance regional security
News Report Dong-a Ilbo
02/05/2012 S.Korean company develops long-range radar technology
News Report The Yomiuri Shimbun/Asia News Network via Asia One 02/05/2012 3 Chinese warships sail through Kagoshima strait
Sangwon Yoon Bloomberg 02/05/2012 North May Be Jamming S Korea's Air Signals
Peter Goon
Air Power Australia
01/05/2012 The ANZUS Treaty and Regional Air Superiority
Michael Auslin
The Weekly Standard
01/05/2012 Flying Not Quite as High
News Report Bangkok Post
01/05/2012 Thailand and China jointly develop multiple rocket launchers
Ajay Banerjee The Tribune
01/05/2012 Defence reality: Ageing aircraft, low firepower & scarce ammo
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
01/05/2012 May Day
William Forbes
Daily Mail Online
01/05/2012 An open letter to the Prime Minister
News Report Economic Times
01/05/2012 IAF to upgrade fleet of combat planes to enhance the potential
News Report Iran Press TV
01/05/2012 China, India plan shipment guarantee for Iranian crude

April 2012

News Report RIA Novosti via Russia and India Report
30/04/2012 Russia to showcase 5-G fighter at AF festival
News Report China Today
30/04/2012 Chinese navy vessel visits Malaysia
Yuka Hiyashi
The Wall Street Journal
30/04/2012 Japan Leader in U.S. Visit to Pledge Security Efforts
Hugh White
The Interpreter
30/04/2012 Defence: It's too risky to wait
Manolo B. Jara The Gulf Today
30/04/2012 Manila firm against return of American military bases
News Report Wall Street Journal
30/04/2012 U.S. Says It Is 'Seriously Considering' Selling More F-16 Fighters to Taiwan
News Report Reuters 30/04/2012 Russia, China agree on Syria, North Korea: Chinese minister
Derek Abma
Calgary Herald
30/04/2012 Kevin Page talks about two ‘different books’ on F-35 purchase
Ben Sandilands
Crikey 30/04/2012 JSF F-35 ‘scrap now’ call in US Foreign Policy journal
News Report ABC via Dark Government
30/04/2012 Spies Captured Trying to Acquire Stealth Technology
Florante S. Solmerin Manila Standard Today
30/04/2012 Standoff over Panatag Shoal to test US-PH defense treaty
Jingdong Juan
Asia Times
30/04/2012 Peace lies beyond the South China Sea horizon
Jojo Malig
30/04/2012 Chinese army general calls for 'decisive action' vs PH
News Report Nine-MSN 30/04/2012 Submarines decision not due until 2013
News Report Deccan Chronical
30/04/2012 India developing anti-radiation missile
News Report RIA Novosti
30/04/2012 Russia Orders More S-300 SAM Missiles
News Report RT.com 30/04/2012 US taxpayers shelling out billions for faulty weapons
Winslow Wheeler
Foreign Policy
27/04/2012 The Jet That Ate the Pentagon
Allan Woods
The Star
27/04/2012 Hiding F-35 fighter jet costs shows Conservatives ‘in contempt,’ says Rae
Julian Ryall The Telegraph
27/04/2012 Russia expects North Korea nuclear test
News Report IBN Live
27/04/2012 China's military asserts itself over Philippines dispute
News Report Agence France-Presse via ABS-CBN News
27/04/2012 PH seeks US military help amid China row
Steven Chase and Daniel LeBlanc The Globe and the Mail
27/04/2012 Tories had fears about F-35 costs last fall, notes show
News Report AP via Fox News
27/04/2012 Iran's oil facilities hit by cyberattack
News Report Pak Tribune
27/04/2012 Pakistan successfully test fires ballistic N-missile Hatf IV
News Report Japan Times
27/04/2012 Japan scrambled jets 156 times in 2011 in response to Chinese aircraft
Venkatachari Jagannathan IANS via NY Daily News
27/04/2012 India launches microwave radar imaging satellite
News Report New Straits Times
27/04/2012 Malaysian Navy plan to buy more submarines
News Report BBC 27/04/2012 MoD told to block ministers' 'wasteful' decisions
News Report AP via News Day
26/04/2012 China, NKorea reaffirm ties after rocket test
News Report BBC 26/04/2012 US charges Taiwanese pair with 'China arms plot'
News Report Australia Network News
26/04/2012 Chinese firm accused of selling military parts to North Korea
Jean H. Lee
News Day
26/04/2012 NKorean military issues sharp threat to South
News Report RT News
26/04/2012 Russia admits nuke threat - Gen-Staff chief on N. Korea and Iran
News Report RIA Novosti
26/04/2012 Ukraine on Brink of Missile Deal with India
News Report China Defence Blog
26/04/2012 Orbat, Naval Cooperation-2012
News Report Defence Today
26/04/2012 Advancing counter-stealth radar technologies
Carlo Kopp
Defence Today
26/04/2012 Airbase hardening in the Western Pacific
Carlo Kopp
Defence Today
26/04/2012 Strategic potential of the Cocos and Christmas Island
Carlo Kopp
Defence Today
26/04/2012 United States refocuses Air Sea Battle Concept
Carlo Kopp
Defence Today
26/04/2012 Air superiority 'Game Changers': T-50 PAK-FA and J-20
News Report Defence Management
26/04/2012 US launches new military spy agency
News Report Military Aerospace Electronics
26/04/2012 Indigenous Awacs
Jeff Davis
The Montreal Gazette
26/04/2012 F-35 wrong choice for Arctic, retired colonel argues
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
26/04/2012 ANZUS Treaty--stronger than some think
News Report The Economic Times
23/04/2012 IIT Delhi working with Navy to build active Sonar classifiers for submarines
Bob Cox
Fort Worth Star Telegram
23/04/2012 Fort Worth Lockheed workers reject contract, vote to strike
News Report Deccan Herald
23/04/2012 After 23 years, INS Viraat on its last leg
Feng Information Dissemination Blog
23/04/2012 Recent acitivites around Chinese Shipyards
Rajat Pandit
The Times of India
23/04/2012 Hi-tech Navy plans to have only BTech officers
News Report Today Online
23/04/2012 China's military warns of confrontation over seas
News Report The Telegraph
22/04/2012 Fighter jets about-turn 'will harm capability’
News Report BBC 22/04/2012 Doubts over MoD jet order for aircraft carrier
News Report Awin First via Aviation Week
22/04/2012 India Wants New Airborne Jamming Aircraft
News Report Bangkok Post
22/04/2012 Taiwan plans to buy 'four warships from US'
David A. Fulghum
Aviation Week
22/04/2012 U.S. Navy And Air Force ISR Plans Jeopardized
Chris Buckley
Reuters 22/04/2012 China top military paper warns of armed confrontation over seas
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
22/04/2012 Statements by sub commander finish any hope for Collins fleet
Mark Landler
New York Times
22/04/2012 Suspected Sale by China Stirs Concern at White House
News Report AP via Times Live
22/04/2012 Iran building copy of captured US drone
News Report NDIA 20/04/2012 Air Force Hypersonic Weapons Face Critical Tests
Lee Berthiaume
Montreal Gazette
20/04/2012 Conservatives accused of F-35 cover-up
Murray Brewster Winnipeg Free Press
20/04/2012 Opposition attempt to organize F-35 hearings fizzle in front of Tory majority
News Report RIA Novosti
20/04/2012 Russian Military Orders Missile Early Warning Satellites
Nitin Gokhale
NDTV 19/04/2012 Agni V, India's first ICBM, successfully test-fired
News Report Defence Management
19/04/2012 North Korea in fresh nuke test fears
News Report The Korea Times
19/04/2012 Korea deploys new missile capable of hitting anywhere in NK
News Report RIA Novosti
19/04/2012 Russia’s Yak-130 Joins Philippine Combat Trainer Tender
Marhalim Abas The Sun Daily
19/04/2012 RVV-AE medium range missiles for Royal Malaysian Air Force's Sukhoi Su-30MKM and other arms
Eko Huda S, Juna Sanbawa Viva News
19/04/2012 Indonesia Given Four Years to Disable Mines
News Report RIA Novosti
19/04/2012 Russia to Deliver More Air Defense Systems to Belarus
J. Michael Cole
Taipei Times
19/04/2012 Taiwan faces balance of naval capability crisis
Manoon Makpol Pattaya Mail
19/04/2012 Thailand, Indonesia launch joint military exercise
Dylan Welch
Canberra Times
19/04/2012 Long wait for new submarines
News Report RIA Novosti
19/04/2012 Malaysia in Talks with Russia on SAM, AT Missiles, Gunboats
News Report The Korea Times
18/04/2012 Military vehicle displayed in NK parade may be Chinese-made
Lee Berthiaume
Canada.com 18/04/2012 F-35 committee hearing officially Thursday
John Robson
Bancroft This Week
18/04/2012 F-35 lifespan claim strains believability
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
18/04/2012 Value of STOVL combat ops questioned before JSF program started
News Report RIA Novosti
18/04/2012 Russia-China Su-35 Fighter Talks Frozen
Florante S. Solmerin Manila Standard Today
18/04/2012 Stronger military only way to stop Chinese bullying
Blog Information Dissemination
17/04/2012 This is Obscene
News Report RIA Novosti
17/04/2012 Some 40 Russian Bombers Exercise Near Japan Frontier
Brian Stewart
CBC News
17/04/2012 Rethink the F-35s? Let's rethink the entire process
News Report AP via Newsday
17/04/2012 Think tank: Russia, China boost arms spending
News Report Asia-One News
16/04/2012 Singapore gets new early-warning aircraft
Nitin Gokhale
NDTV 16/04/2012 Agni-V, India's ICBM, gets ready for launch
News Report AP via The Times of India
16/04/2012 North Korea shows off new missile at military parade
News Report RIA Novosti
16/04/2012 Four Pacific Fleet’s Warships Leave Russia for China
Brian Spegele
The Wall Street Journal--China Real Time Report
16/04/2012 Chinese General: Philippines Faces ‘Last Chance’
James Hookway
The Wall Street Journal
16/04/2012 Philippines Warns China in Naval Crisis
Jim Gomez
AP via Military.com
16/04/2012 China Sends 3rd Ship in Standoff With Philippines
Eric Schmitt
The New York Times
16/04/2012 NATO Sees Flaws in Air Campaign Against Qaddafi
Rowena Mason
The Telegraph
16/04/2012 Britain sells weapons to Indonesia after 13 year hiatus
News Report Jakarta Post
16/04/2012 Minister calls for modernizing air force
Adam Lusher
The Canberra Times
16/04/2012 Burmese treasure: 'We've done some pretty silly things but the silliest was burying the Spitfires'
News Report AP via The Washington Post
07/04/2012 Report: Russia deploys S-400 missiles in region bordering Poland, Lithuania
Blog The Weekly Standard
07/04/2012 Obama's Budget: 'Interest Payments Will Exceed Defense Budget' in 2019
Tim Naumetz
The Hill Times
07/04/2012 Joint Cabinet ministers’ statement suggests DND was briefed annually on cost of F-35 jets
Lee Berthiaume
National Post
07/04/2012 Tories’ failure to reveal F-35’s true $25B cost before election ‘political fraud’: NDP
Lee Berthiaume
Montreal Gazette
07/04/2012 Cabinet knew F-35's $25 billion cost, says AG
CDR Salamander
Blog 07/04/2012 Video: Successful Anti-Piracy
News Report AFP via The West Australian
07/04/2012 US miscalculates China military growth: study
Martin Ott
Eurasia Review
07/04/2012 Vietnam’s China Dilemma: Steering In New Strategic Environment – Analysis
News Report Montreal Gazette
07/04/2012 A timeline on Canada's involvement in the F-35 program
Press Release
Sukhoi 05/04/2012 Su-35 Fighters Made 500 Test Flights
Laura Payton
CBC News
05/04/2012 MPs battle over F-35 fighter jet costs
Andrew Coyne
05/04/2012 F-35 debacle demonstrates a system of government in collapse
Igor Siletsky The Voice of Russia
05/04/2012 Russian Submarine joins Indian navy
Michael Richardson
Japan Times
05/04/2012 U.S. and allies move to counter Chinese power
News Report Jakarta Post
05/04/2012 3 more subs in 2015: Defense Minister
News Report Bangkok Post
05/04/2012 Navy U-boats plan sunk, but all is not lost
Video YouTube 04/04/2012 Video-Venezuela SU-30Mk2 flight ops
Aaron Wherry
McLeans.ca 04/04/2012 The rhetoric behind the F-35
Michael Den Tandt Montreal Gazette
04/04/2012 Heads should roll for F-35 fiasco
Natalie Pona
Canada.com 04/04/2012 F-35 fighter jets aren’t the only problem found by the Auditor General
Lee Berthiaume Canada.com 04/04/2012 F-35 program proving a political pain for Tory government
Report Court of Audit
04/04/2012 The Netherlands Court of Audit investigates F-16 deployability and F-35 concerns
News Report The Voice of Russia
04/04/2012 Russian former army man caught for selling confidential information to US
Lindsay Murdoch Sydney Morning Herald
04/04/2012 Asian nations resist Chinese tactic on islands
Jane Perlez
The New York Times
03/04/2012 Chinese Insider Offers Rare Glimpse of U.S.-China Frictions
Steven Chase
The Globe and Mail
03/04/2012 Tories to rejig F-35 purchase as auditor blasts jet procurement
Lee Berthiaume Ottawa Citizen
03/04/2012 AG's report could mean F-35 changes
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
03/04/2012 Canada to freeze $9B F-35 purchase-consider alternatives
News Report Navy Recognition
03/04/2012 Russian Navy to Receive Verkhoturye SSBN (Projet 667BDRM Delfin – Delta-IV) in November 2012
Pavel Pomytkin topwar.ru via Russia & India Report
03/04/2012 Russia - India - China: the rearmament era
News Report ITAR-TASS via Russa & India Report
03/04/2012 Russia-India military-technical cooperation portfolio exceeds $10 billion
Vladimir Astapkovich RT 03/04/2012 Russia to form National Guard to answer new challenges - report
Bill Gertz
Commentary Magazine
02/04/2012 China's High-Tech Military Threat
Andrea Shalal-Esa Reuters 02/04/2012 USAF General-F-35 software failures could "bring us to our knees"
Photos englishrussia.com 02/04/2012 Photo gallery-Kursk MiG-29s
Blog China Defense Blog
02/04/2012 Photo of the day: J-20 prototype number 2 is here
News Report RIA Novosti
01/04/2012 Russia Deploys S-400 Missiles in Far East
Barbara Starr
CNN-Security Clearance Blog
01/04/2012 Navy ships out radar system ahead of North Korea launch
News Report RIA Novosti
01/04/2012 Russia Touts Yak-130 Combat Trainer in S.America
News Report The Nation
01/04/2012 India to deploy two nuclear submarines: report
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
01/04/2012 Blame-shifter
Tony Capaccio
Bloomberg 01/04/2012 Lockheed F-35 Cost Estimate by U.S. Increases 9% in Year
David Ellery
The Canberra Times
01/04/2012 Smith under attack from ship critics
Eric Schmitt
The New York Times
01/04/2012 Canadian Gave Intelligence to Russia, U.S. Officials Say
News Report RIA Novosti
01/04/2012 Russian Proton-M Puts Military Satellite into Orbit
News Report New York Times via The Hindustan Times
01/04/2012 Chinese grad hacks Indian military, Tibetan sites
Antone Gonsalves CRN 01/04/2012 Chinese Hackers Linked To Cyber-Espionage In Japan, India, Tibet
Jose Katigbak Phil Star
01/04/2012 'US should provide Phl with military hardware'
News Report Canada.com 01/04/2012 Government signals lack of commitment to F-35 purchase
Ilya Kramnik The Voice of Russia
01/04/2012 Russian army between the conscription and the contract

March 2012

News Report RIA Novosti
30/03/2012 Bulava Missile in for Two More Test Launches
Leithen Francis Aviation Week
30/03/2012 South China Sea Drives Regional Choices
Marcus Weisgerber News Report 30/03/2012 DoD adds $17B to total cost estimate for F-35
News Report AP via News Day
30/03/2012 China, Russia plan naval war exercises next month
Manuel Mogato and Rosemarie Francisco Reuters 30/03/2012 Manila offers U.S. wider military access, seeks weapons
News Report The Indian Express
29/03/2012 Brahmos cruise missile test fired in new mode successfully
News Report CNA via Focus Taiwan
29/03/2012 Taiwan needs U.S. assistance to build submarines: military report
News Report Asia Times
29/03/2012 Vietnam builds naval muscle
News Report ABC News
29/03/2012 US considers Cocos Islands launch pad
Tony Capaccio
Bloomberg 29/03/2012 Pentagon Approves Lockheed F-35 for Continued Development
Mark M. Miller
Embassy 29/03/2012 Develop F-35 alternatives or face consequences
Venugopal Pillai The Times of India
29/03/2012 Gen’s letter on ill-equipped
Tunggadewa Mattangkilang & Ismira Lutfia Jakarta Globe
29/03/2012 Indonesian Military Chiefs Ignore House Criticism, Vow To Build Tank Force
News Report Hearld Sun
29/03/2012 Indonesian fuel hike protests turn violent
J. Nicholas Hoover Information Week
28/03/2012 NSA Chief: China Behind RSA Attacks
News Report RIA Novosti via Eurasia Review
28/03/2012 Russia: FSB Accuses West Over Cyber Security
News Report Canada.com
28/03/2012 Alleged Canadian spy leak may have caused major breach of U.S. info: report
Craig Whitlock
Washington Post
28/03/2012 U.S., Australia to broaden military ties amid Pentagon pivot to SE Asia
David Axe
IWatch News
28/03/2012 Will the $55 billion bomber program fly?
Phillip Coorey Sydney Morning Herald
28/03/2012 US military eyes Cocos Islands as a future Indian Ocean spy base
Peter Lekarev The Voice of Russia
28/03/2012 Russia to change the way conscripts are drafted
Blog Information Dissemination
28/03/2012 Sean Stackley - Bullish on Aircraft Carriers
News Report RIA Novosti
28/03/2012 Moscow May Help India Build Closed-Cycle Submarines
News Report CBC News via YouTube
27/03/2012 Video-F-35 Fails DND Requirement
News Report CBC.ca via Huffington Post-Canada
27/03/2012 F-35s Don't Meet Military's Requirements, Documents Show
Colin Horgan
iPolitics (subscription)
27/03/2012 F-35 program switched from ‘low’ to ‘medium’ risk in 2010
News Report CBC News
27/03/2012 F-35s don't meet military's requirements, documents show
Jeff Davis
Ottawa Citizen
27/03/2012 Lockheed Martin’s F-35 was Defence Department’s clear choice, says retired bureaucrat
Report U.S. Government Accounting Office
27/03/2012 KC-46 Tanker-Acquisition Plans Have Good Features but Contain Schedule Risk
Jim Wolf
Reurters via The West Australian
27/03/2012 U.S. seeks missile-defence shields for Asia, Mideast
Ilya Kramnik Russia, Beyond the Headlines 27/03/2012 Russian army to increase information security
Ilya Kramnik The Voice of Russia
27/03/2012 Russian armoured vehicles to roll on single platform
Neil Munshi FT.com 27/03/2012 India’s latest scandal: defence
Jeremy Herb The Hill
27/03/2012 Counterfeit military parts easily obtainable from Chinese companies
Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade 26/03/2012 Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 (PDF file) Air Power Australia 1
Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade 26/03/2012 Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 (PDF file) Air Power Australia 2
Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade 26/03/2012 Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 (PDF file) RepSym Pty Ltd
Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade 26/03/2012 Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 (PDF file) Mr. Erik Peacock
Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade 26/03/2012 Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 (PDF file) Air Power Australia 3
Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade 26/03/2012 Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011 (PDF file) Air Power Australia 4
Amy Coopes
AFP 26/03/2012 Huawei 'banned' from Australian broadband project
William Lowther
Taipei Times
26/03/2012 Cornyn seeks more clarity over Taiwan F-16C/D sale
Dave Majumdar Flight Global
26/03/2012 USAF fields Increment 3.1 upgrade for F-22
Report DefPro 26/03/2012 FOI Publishes New Report on Russian Military Capability
News Report UPI 26/03/2012 China's carrier set for commissioning
News Report Focus Taiwan
26/03/2012 Taiwanese, Chinese militaries urged to start interaction
Alister Bull
Reuters via thewest.com.au
26/03/2012 Obama urges China to act to rein in North Korea
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
26/03/2012 USMC Commandant in damage control over F-35B woes
Emily Allen and Nick Enoch
Daily Mail
A modern-day mission: Lancaster bomber crew prepares for action 70 years on in remarkable set of airfield pictures
News Report RIA Novosti
23/03/2012 Russia Orders 30 Su-30SM Fighters
Robert Gottliebsen Business Spectator
23/03/2012 Time for a JSF dogfight
Letter to Editor
The Star
23/03/2012 Spin trumped truth on F-35 purchase
Farhan Z Shah The News Tribe
23/03/2012 J-10 fighter planes, 6 subs for Pakistan as Cino-Pak talks underway
News Report navaltoday.com 23/03/2012 China Demonstrates Copy of Russian Su-30MK2 at Aircraft Factory SAC
Blog The Diplomat
23/03/2012 Should Russia sell Su-35 to China?
Blog The Diplomat
23/03/2012 China’s Sukhoi Submission
Rajat Pandit & Saibal Dasgupta The Times of India
23/03/2012 China 'warns' India with border drill
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
23/03/2012 Canadian DND sent weak F-35 cost figures to Parliament rep
David Axe
WIRED-Danger Room
22/03/2012 Video: Ancient Airlifter Makes Daredevil Drops Over Afghanistan
News Report The Chosunilbo
22/03/2012 China Developing 2nd Stealth Fighter Jet
News Report UPI via dalje.com
22/03/2012 Canadian govt. braces for F-35 report
Peter Enav
Sydney Morning Herald
22/03/2012 Chinese spies target Taiwan's US-made defenses
Dave Majumdar Flight Global
22/03/2012 USAF can't afford JSTARS replacement
Blog China Defense Blog
22/03/2012 HQ-16A SAM system spotted in service
Tony Capaccio
Bloomberg 22/03/2012 Raytheon’s $621 Million Halted by U.S. on Missile Delays
Blog China Defense Blog
22/03/2012 Could this be the first Y-9 in-flight photo?
Anatoly Serdyukov RIA Novosti
22/03/2012 Bulava Missile in for More Tests
Jeff Davis
Times Colonist
22/03/2012 U.S. auditor slams F-35 overruns
News Report The Economic Times
22/03/2012 Deal for procuring mid-air refueller aircraft in last phase
Tony Capaccio
Bloomberg 21/03/2012 Lockheed F-35 Overruns Top $1 Billion, Government Auditor Finds
News Report Reuters 21/03/2012 More cost growth would cut F-35 buy: USAF
Dr Dennis Jensen MP ABC 21/03/2012 The ADF's Joint Strike Fighter lemon
Report U.S. Government Accounting Office
21/03/2012 GAO F-35 presentation to US House of Representatives
Michael Den Tandt Windsor Star
21/03/2012 Replacement candidates in the wings as F-35 woes mount
Alexander Stelliferovsky RIA Novosti
21/03/2012 Russian Air Force Adopts New Cruise Missile
J. Michael Cole Taipei Times
21/03/2012 Missile fault blamed on humidity
News Report RIA Novosti
21/03/2012 Russia Seals S-400 Missile Supply Deal
News Report The Yomiuri Shimbun 21/03/2012 Govt may send PAC-3s to Okinawa / SDF readying for launch of DPRK rocket
Sean Lengell
Washington Times
20/03/2012 Retired military officers call for curbing China’s power
John Ivison
National Post
20/03/2012 F-35 bid process was ‘hijacked’ by DND, former official says
News Report Defence Management
20/03/2012 Hammond 'recommends' F-35 switch
News Report BBC 20/03/2012 Ministers discuss U-turn on F-35 fighter planes
Gordon G. Chang
Forbes 19/03/2012 Chinese Leader: Cultural Revolution Coming to China
Hiroyuki Kachi Wall Street Journal
19/03/2012 Japanese Leader Warns on China's Military Buildup

Lee Berthiaume Ottawa Citizen
19/03/2012 Defence turned blind eye to warnings on F-35 delays, costs
Brian Spegele The Wall Street Journal
19/03/2012 Vietnam Protests Cnooc's Plans in Disputed South China Sea
Editorial The Japan Times
19/03/2012 More than meets the eye in Beijing
Richard D. Fisher, Jr. Aviation Week
19/03/2012 China's Air Force Modernizes On Dual Tracks
Celine Boileau and John Berthelsen Asia Sentinel
19/03/2012 Investigating Judges Named in Malaysia Submarine Graft Case
David Eshel
Aviation Week
19/03/2012 Israel And India Boosting Defense Partnership
Ken Gray
Ottawa Citizen
16/03/2012 Dump The F-35 Purchase
News Report RT.com 16/03/2012 F-35 failure forces countries to reconsider contracts
Peter Mattis
The Jamestown Foundation
16/03/2012 Beijing Denies Russion Rumors of Su-35 Purchase; Evaluating China's Intelligence Penetration of Taiwan
Bob Cox
Sky Talk
16/03/2012 Marine commandant not up to speed on F-35 costs
News Report The National Post
16/03/2012 Defence officials misled Parliament on F-35 deal: AG report
News Report AFP via The West Australian
16/03/2012 Pacific big enough for all of us, says China
Athima Chansanchai MSN 15/03/2012 2007-Enemy used metadata and mortars to destroy 4 AH-64 Apache attack helicopters in Iraq
News Report USAF 15/03/2012 Modification for F-22's emergency oxygen system handle
News Report RIA Novosti
15/03/2012 Russian Air Force to Receive Six Su-35 Fighters by Yearend
Editorial Bancroft Canada
15/03/2012 Getting a lock on F-35 reality
Andrew Buncombe
The Independent
15/03/2012 Explosive new powerbase: Asia goes for broke with arms race
Wolf Cocklin Air Power Australia
15/03/2012 Photos-Australian Warbirds-RAAF Point Cook and Avalon
Murray Brewster
Herald News
15/03/2012 Fighter jets not a done deal
David A. Fulghum Aviation Week
15/03/2012 China, U.S. Chase Air-to-Air Cyberweapon
Thomas Walkom The Star
15/03/2012 In F-35 reversal, Harper admits he was wrong
News Report AAP via The Australian
15/03/2012 Indonesia says Australian relationship is strong
Jacqueline Klimas Navy Times
15/03/2012 U.S. Navy--11 ships to be decommissioned in fiscal 2013
Ahmad Pathoni Bikyamasr 15/03/2012 Indonesia seeks to modernize its military
News Report The China Post
15/03/2012 MND minister doubts CSBC submarine capability
Announcement Government Liquidation
15/03/2012 Contract to scrap 27M pounds of aircraft at Davis Monthan AFB
Lee Berthiaume Ottawa Citizen
14/03/2012 F-35 purchase not guaranteed, associate defence minister says
Giovanni de Briganti
Defense-Aerospace.com 14/03/2012 F-35 LRIP 5 Contracts: Unit Cost Tops $200M for First Time
News Report Voice of America
14/03/2012 Chinese Aircraft Carrier to Begin Official Duty Soon
Bruce Jacobs
The Australian
14/03/2012 Wide-eyed Bob Carr should face up to grim reality
Editorial Bloomberg 14/03/2012 Obama’s Rare-Earths Case With WTO Won’t Ensure Security
Bob Cox
Sky Talk
13/03/2012 Air Force general who ran F-35 during troubled times gets weapons buying job
Robert Wall
Aviation Week
13/03/2012 More NH90 Charges Possible
Emma Griffiths and Emily Bourke
ABC News
13/03/2012 Smith tight-lipped on SAS Africa claims
News Report China Daily
13/03/2012 Hu stresses military's safeguarding stability
News Report The Hindu
12/03/2012 Battle-ready Tejas fighter unlikely before 2014
Rajat Pandit
The Times of India
12/03/2012 Policy paralysis hits India's submarine manufacturing plans
Peter Worthington
Huffington Post Canada
12/03/2012 Canadian Sub Program Belongs in Octopus's Garden
News Report Defense Update
12/03/2012 Satellite Imagery Uncovers New S-300 Sites in Algeria
Ellen Messmer
ARN 12/03/2012 Could China easily take down US military's air-refueling logistics in a cyberwar?
News Report Lancashire Evening Post
12/03/2012 China hacks F-35 data at BAE
News Report RT Online
12/03/2012 Chinese ‘Mighty Dragon’ doomed to breathe Russian fire
News Report Arbiter Online
09/03/2012 F-35 uproar: Community members oppose jets in Boise
News Report Sun Star
09/03/2012 Air Force to get 4 Polish-made brand new choppers
Ilya Kramnik The Voice of Russia
09/03/2012 Cruise missiles: a unique instrument for Russia's long-range aviation
News Report Focus Taiwan
09/03/2012 China's navy to take delivery of first aircraft carrier this year
News Report ZeeBiz.com 09/03/2012 Asia to surpass Europe on defense spending
Bill Sweetman
Ares Blog
09/03/2012 Missing Man
Maria Abi-Habib The Wall Street Journal
09/03/2012 Afghan Air Force Probed in Drug Running
News Report Jakarta Globe
08/03/2012 Indonesia to Begin Domestic Missile Production
Jim Wolf
Reuters 08/03/2012 Obama mulls giving Moscow data on missile defense
News Report AFP 08/03/2012 US, Philippines set joint military exercises
Michael Richardson Japan Times
08/03/2012 Resources fuel tensions in South China Sea
Novan Iman Santosa Jakarta Post
08/03/2012 Domestic defense contracts worth Rp 1.3t signed
Lee Ferran
ABC News
08/03/2012 Air Force Contradicts Itself in Blame for F-22 Fighter Crash
Zach Rosenberg
Flight Global
08/03/2012 Loose wire caused Afghanistan Global Hawk crash
News Report RT.com 07/03/2012 China ‘close to buying $4 bln worth’ of Russian top interceptors
Tony Capiccio
Bloomberg 07/03/2012 First U.S. Air Force F-35 Pilot Training Sortie Cut Short
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
07/03/2012 The USAF has the wrong boss
News Report BarentsObserver.com
07/03/2012 Testing Indian aircraft carrier in Barents Sea
News Report The Hindu
07/03/2012 MoD debars six firms for ten years
Press Release
BAE Systems
07/03/2012 New Critical Mine Hunting Capability for U.S. Navy
David Axe
Danger Room
06/03/2012 Pentagon Helps New Stealth Fighter Cheat on Key Performance Test
Bob Cox
Sky Talk
06/03/2012 DoD Inspector General office to review F-35 program management systems
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
06/03/2012 Boise group claims USAF F-35 socioeconomic study is faulty
News Report The Express Tribune
06/03/2012 Pakistan tests short-range ballistic missile
News Report China Daily
06/03/2012 Long March-5 to take off in 2014
News Report Macau Daily Times
06/03/2012 Premier Wen Jiabao reasserts Communist Party’s ultimate control over armed forces
Greg Waldron
Flight Global
06/03/2012 China’s defence budget to aid air force modernisation
News Report The Hindu
06/03/2012 BrahMos cruise missile successfully test fired
News Report RIA Novosti
06/03/2012 Northern Fleet Gets Modernized Anti-Submarine Plane
Chandan Nandy and Chethan Kumar Deccan Herald
06/03/2012 MoD raises objections over Rafale’s lifecycle cost
Hans M. Kristensen FAS Strategic Security Blog 05/03/2012 Chinese Mobile ICBMs Seen in Central China
Dave Allport
Key Aero
05/03/2012 Russian Air Force Orders 92 Sukhoi Su-34s
Igor Korotchenko War Diary of Igor Korotchenko 05/03/2012 TSAMTO: the company "Dry" will retain the position as a world leader in export fighter (Google Translate)
News Report Herald Sun
05/03/2012 Australia's Afghanistan mission has failed, says Professor Hugh White
Chris Buckley
The Daily Star
05/03/2012 China boosts defense spending by 11.2 percent
News Report Defenseworld.net 05/03/2012 BAE Systems To Provide ESM Systems For B-2 Bombers
Vimal Bhatia The Times of India
05/03/2012 BrahMos missile test fire at Pokhran today
Robert Gottliebsen Business Spectator
05/03/2012 Newfound Labor cabinet clout
Markus Junianto Sihaloho Jakarta Globe
05/03/2012 Indonesian Government Overpaid $50m for Fighter Jets: Lawmaker
Lee Tae-Hoon
Korea Times
02/03/2012 Exclusive--F-15K jets fly blind to enemy attacks
News Report AFP 02/03/2012 US still interested in Brazil warplanes: official
News Report The Economic Times
02/03/2012 MiG 21s to be phased out from 2014
Chris Buckley
Reuters 02/03/2012 PREVIEW - China to unveil military budget after U.S. Asia "pivot"
Robert Gottliebsen
Business Spectator
01/03/2012 Five thorny issues for Gillard
Vladimir Karnozov Flight Global
01/03/2012 China requests Sukhoi Su-35 fighter and S-400 long-range SAM buy
News Report RIA Novosti
01/03/2012 Russia Signs Contract for Navy MiG-29K Fighter
J. Michael Cole
Taipei Times
01/03/2012 Taiwan hit by another case of spying
David Pugliese
Ottawa Citizen
01/03/2012 Credibility of DND Spokespeople Undercut by Six Different Prices for the F-35, According to Newly Released Defence Department Report
Lee Berthiaume
The Gazette
01/03/2012 Defence Department concerned about lack of definitive F-35 cost estimate, documents show
News Report Phayul.com 01/03/2012 Indian experts warn of “major military offensive” from China
Terry Atlas
Bloomberg 01/03/2012 U.S. Designates Indonesia Islamist Group JAT as a Terrorist Organization

February 2012

Herman Kumar Rout
IBN Live
29/02/2012 DRDO Readies for K-15
News Report Daily Times
29/02/2012 Taiwan navy to get two US-built mine-hunters
News Report Russia & India Report
29/02/2012 BrahMos test flight for Sukhoi-30 by year end
Greg Waldron
Flight Global
29/02/2012 Japan wary of F-35 cost escalation
News Report The Foreigner
29/02/2012 F-35 cost squabble in Norway
Tony Capaccio
Bloomberg 29/02/2012 Pentagon to Withold Lockheed F-35 Payments Over Tracking
News Report Defense Tech
29/02/2012 Eglin F-35As Cleared for Flight
News Report AFP 29/02/2012 US Air Force cancels deal for Brazilian-made aircraft
Marcus Weisgerber
Defense News
29/02/2012 Scrapped Northrop-EADS Tanker Deal Still Unsettled
Melissa Nelson
28/02/2012 Top military pilots grounded by F-35 mess
Randy Fabi
Reuters 28/02/2012 Insight - Conflict looms in South China Sea oil rush
David Pugliese
Ottawa Citizen
28/02/2012 Russia and China Working on New Programs to Disable Satellites Says U.S. Defence Intelligence Chief
Mamanov Roman
The Voice of Russia
28/02/2012 Russian software specialist frightens U.S. military
Wang Jing and Shen Jinke China Daily
28/02/2012 Born to Fly
Colin Clark
AOL Defense
28/02/2012 New Bomber Program 'Underway' But Cloaked in Secrecy
Dr Carlo Kopp APA Analysis
27/02/2012 Basing Infrastructure Considerations in the  Defence of Australia's Indian Ocean Approaches
Lawrence Korb
Defense News
27/02/2012 Cost of Malpractice on F-35 Goes Unpaid
News Report The Telegraph
27/02/2012 Britain 'may struggle to pay for new fighter jets'
Dave Majumdar
Defense News
27/02/2012 F-35 Local Area Flights Could Start This Week
News Report The Weekly Standard
27/02/2012 Chart: 'America’s Per Capita Government Debt Worse Than Greece'
Rajat Pandit
The Times of India
27/02/2012 Govt nod for $1bn Navy plane deal
News Report DVIDS 24/02/2012 F-22 crew chiefs ORE, real-world ready
Blog Cdr Salamander
24/02/2012 Col DeBlanc, USMC Wildcat vs Oscar
News Report Naval Air Systems Command
24/02/2012 KC-130J Harvest HAWK gets pressurized launcher
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
24/02/2012 Keeping the F-35 PR machine flying
News Report News Report 24/02/2012 Putin Lauds Thieves of U.S. Nuke Intel
Li Hong
China Daily
23/02/2012 Military spending a necessity
News Report RIA Novosti
23/02/2012 Russia to Rebuild Military Airfields near NATO Borders
Ilya Kramnik
Voice of Russia
23/02/2012 Russia revs up arms exports
News Report Zee News
23/02/2012 Taiwan to arm subs with US missiles: Report
Greg Waldron
Flight Global
23/02/2012 China’s SVU200 UAV conducts maiden flight
News Report Hurriyet Daily News
23/02/2012 Turkey loses bid for Indonesia submarines
Leithen Francis
Aviation Week
23/02/2012 Singapore Issues RFI For Six Tankers
Bill Gertz
Inside the Ring-Washington Times
23/02/2012 Chinese Cyberwarfare Prep
Rie Ishiguro
Reuters 23/02/2012 Japan warns U.S. price of F-35 fighter must not rise
News Report The Globe and Mail
23/02/2012 Tories weigh value of delaying F-35 jet purchase
News Report 6WLNS.com 23/02/2012 Air National Guard Faces Potential Cuts
News Report RIA Novosti
22/02/2012 Belarus to Deploy More Russian Missile Defense Systems
Christopher Cavas
Defense News
22/02/2012 U.S. Navy Tries To Rein In Carrier Costs
News Report The Economic Times
22/02/2012 'Indo-Russian fighter jet better than Chinese, US aircraft'
Bob Cox
Sky Talk
22/02/2012 Camouflage for stealth plane meeting decision
News Report Peopleś Daily
22/02/2012 Australian think tank: China's radar can easily capture F-35 fighter
Tony Capaccio
Bloomberg 22/02/2012 F-35 Falls Short on Goals Costing Lockheed $32 Million From U.S.
News Report RIA Novosti
22/02/2012 S-400 Missiles Deployed in W. Russia
News Report Bloomberg 21/02/2012 Boeing Apache Fights Tiger in $10 Billion Asian Helicopter Demand Contest
Gleb Bryanski
Reuters 21/02/2012 Putin looks at new stealth figher
Web China Defense Blog
21/02/2012 Photo of the day: Chinese FAB-3000
Christopher Cavas
Navy Times
21/02/2012 Carrier disposal proves a challenge for Navy
News Report RIA Novosti
21/02/2012 Russian Air Force to Receive New Attack Aircraft by 2020
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
21/02/2012 More delay for Australia's F-35 fantasy
News Report KITV.com 20/02/2012 Locklear Confirmed To Lead U.S. Pacific Command
Carlo Kopp
Air Power Australia
20/02/2012 Der Gabelschwanz Teufel--Assessing the Lockheed P-38 Lightning
News Report The Times of India
20/02/2012 Russia may set up defence research agency
Carlo Kopp and Peter Goon
Air Power Australia
20/02/2012 Link Update--APA submission--Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011
News Report RIA Novosti
20/02/2012 Putin Pledges 400 ICBMs for Russia in Ten Years
Bill Sweetman
20/02/2012 Entente Cordiale
Eric Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
20/02/2012 CF-18 refurb a poor idea
David Ellery
Sydney Morning Herald
17/02/2012 Submarine all at sea on repairs
Den Tandt
canada.com 17/02/2012 Fantino caught in F-35 crosshairs
News Report RIA Novosti
17/02/2012 Russia Must Build Two Variants of 5G Fighter - Rogozin
Leiten Francis
Aviation Week
17/02/2012 SE Asian Nations Seek Improved ASW, AEW
News Report RIA Novosti
17/02/2012 Russia, Vietnam to Jointly Manufacture Anti-Ship Missiles
News Report RIA Novosti
17/02/2012 Russia to Put More RS-24 Missiles on Combat Duty in 2012
Leiten Francis
Aviation Week
17/02/2012 Indonesian Air Force Eyes More Fighters
Antonella Cinelli and Steve Scherer
LSE 16/02/2012 Italy cuts F-35 fighter orders by 30 percent
News Report AIN Online
16/02/2012 Australian Government Applies Pressure On Delayed MRH-90 Buy
Zach Rosenberg
Flight Global
16/02/2012 USAF cancels AMRAAM replacement
News Report Russia & India Report
16/02/2012 India imports 25% of Russian weapons
News Report Reuters via Express India
16/02/2012 New China landing vessels point to Pacific rivalry
News Report Pravda 16/02/2012 Russia's radar of new generation to catch missiles like butterflies
News Report Peopleś Daily
15/02/2012 Russia to buy 20 nuclear submarines by 2020: general staff chief
Chun Han Wong The Wall Street Journal
15/02/2012 Airbus: Indonesian Military Signs Deal For 9 C295 Transport Aircraft Worth $325M
Tim Harper
15/02/2012 The Conservatives and their F-35 fairy tale
David Lague
Reuters via GMA News
15/02/2012 As US Navy shrinks, China launches more, better war ships
News Report navyrecognition.com
15/02/2012 Japan lays keel for 22DDH Helicopter Carrier
Tony Capaccio
Bloomberg 15/02/2012 Navy Discloses $811 Million Overrun on Gerald Ford Carrier
News Report Algemeiner 15/02/2012 Inside an Israeli Missile Defense Team
News Report RIA Novosti
14/02/2012 PAK-FA/T-50 test fleet to increase to 14 by 2015
News Report RIA Novosti
14/02/2012 Russia to Deploy S-400 Air Defense Systems Near Borders
News Report AFP 14/02/2012 China defence budget to double over 5 years: IHS
News Report RIA Novosti
14/02/2012 Russia Dock Fire Submarine Had Nuclear Warheads
Jen DiMascio
Aviation Week
14/02/2012 President Proposes $614B Defense Budget
Eric L. Palmer
Eric Palmer Blog
14/02/2012 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) price blow-out in FY2013 DOD budget
News Report Taiwan Today
14/02/2012 Taiwan streamlines missile defense units
Yayat Supriatna and Niluski Koswanage Reuters 14/02/2012 Indonesia says it would study any barter approach from Iran
Markus Junianto Sihaloho & Ismira Lutfia Jakarta Globe
14/02/2012 Defense Ministry Not Budging on Controversial Leopard Tanks
Carlo Kopp
The Conversation
13/02/2012 I advised NCIS: LA on ‘E-bombs’ but they’re not a work of fiction
Dr. Carlo Kopp
Monash University
13/02/2012 The dangers of ignoring the dark side of the information age
Bill Sweetman
13/02/2012 Boeing Refines Plans For Korea
Brian Winters
Reuters 13/02/2012 Brazil jets deal heats up as Boeing freezes bid
Ajay Banerjee TribuneIndia.com 13/02/2012 China develops sub-launched long-range N-missile
News Report The Voice of Russia
13/02/2012 4th T-50 fighter jet to go on test flight
Geoffrey Stevens GuelphMercury.com 13/02/2012 Ditching costly jet order would make tough budget more palatable
Interview of APA's Peter Goon CKNW Radio 10/02/2012 CKNW AM 980: The World Today with Jon McComb
Starts about 5:45 in the ~16Mb MP3
Michael Byers and Stewart Webb iPolitics 10/02/2012 The F-35 contract is still not signed; it’s time to re-consider the alternatives
News Report The Canadian Press
10/02/2012 Holy what? Minister scolds opposition for criticizing government F-35 plan
News Report ASPI via Flight Global
10/02/2012 Reference from previous news: RAAF Super Hornets A$22,900 per flying hour
News Report RIA Novosti
10/02/2012 Russia’s Bulava-Carrying Subs to Enter Service in Summer
News Report Pacific Air Forces
10/02/2012 Cope North 12-1 kicks off
Manuel Mogato Reuters 10/02/2012 U.S. military seeks more access in Philippines
News Report The Times of India
10/02/2012 India, Indonesia to hold maiden combat drill
Hu Yinan
China Daily USA
10/02/2012 Thailand to host US-led military exercise
Evan A. Laksmana The Jakarta Post
10/02/2012 The ‘strategic trinity’ of national defense
News Report AP via The Washington Post
10/02/2012 Chinese-born American convicted of stealing trade secrets; acquitted of corporate espionage
News Report RIA Novosti
10/02/2012 Russian Army Must ‘Instill Fear in Enemies’ – Rogozin
Greg Waldron
Flight Global
10/02/2012 PICTURES: Upgraded New Zealand C-130s undergo operational tests
Peter Goon, Carlo Kopp
Air Power Australia submission
09/02/2012 Review of the Defence Annual Report 2010-2011, Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade
James Massola
The Australian
09/02/2012 Civilianisation of military may be weakening defence discipline, new navy report suggests
Otto Kreisher
AOL Defense
09/02/2012 Navy Fleet Will Not Grow for 5 Years: CNO
News Report The Mainichi Daily News
09/02/2012 5 Russian military aircraft fly by Japan, prompt ASDF scramble
News Report AUK 09/02/2012 Darfur: New weapons from China and Russia fuelling conflict
David Ellery
The Canberra Times
08/02/2012 Joint strike fighter program a 'failure': think tank
Mark Dodd
The Australian
08/02/2012 JSF 'no match' for latest Russian fighters or Chinese radar
Bill Sweetman
08/02/2012 JSF "Acquisition Malpractice" -- Pentagon Procurement Boss
Rhys Jones Reuters 08/02/2012 Britain won't decide on F-35 fighter numbers till 2015
Lee Tae-hoon The Korea Times
08/02/2012 F-35 may fail to meet key requirements
News Report RIA Novosti 08/02/2012 Delivery of S-500 Air Defense System Delayed Until 2017
Wahyoe Boediwardhana Jakarta Post
08/02/2012 RI submarines on par with neighbors after overhaul
Marcus Weisgerber Defense News
08/02/2012 Kendall: Services Must Know Effect Budget Moves Have on Industry
News Report Defence Web
08/02/2012 Boeing confirms Indian order for 10 C-17s as Indian defence market grows
News Report Focus Taiwan
08/02/2012 Taiwan still in talks with U.S. on F-16 upgrade details: MND
David Fulghum, Bill Sweetman, Amy Butler Aviation Week
06/02/2012 China's Role In JSF's Spiraling Costs
Web Alert5.com 06/02/2012 YouTube: PLAAF AEW&C behind-the-scene footage
News Report AFP 06/02/2012 Iran mass producing anti-ship cruise missile: TV
Nicholas Stuart
Canberra Times
06/02/2012 Labor has forefeited the chance to shape future of defence
Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis Armed Forces Journal
06/02/2012 Truth, lies and Afghanistan
News Report Mumbai Mirror
06/02/2012 Dandong – A peep into North Korea
Zhuying Shi Today's Zaman
06/02/2012 Turkey-China ready to strengthen already close ties
News Report PhilSTAR 06/02/2012 'Talks next month on US military presence in Phl may be postponed'
News Report RIA Novosti
06/02/2012 Russian Strategic Subs to Resume Routine World Patrols
Greg Waldron
Flight Global
06/02/2012 Australian Aerospace announces Air 9000 Phase 7 bid
Bill Sweetman
03/02/2012 JSF Proponents Say The Darndest Things, Part 2
Manuel Mogato Reuters 03/02/2012 Philippines studying U.S. offer to deploy spy planes
Bill Sweetman
Aviation Week
03/02/2012 JSF Testing Finds Additional Problems
News Report Radio Free Europe
03/02/2012 Russian Arms Exporter Reports $11 Billion In Sales In 2011
Vitaliy V. Kuzmin Air Power Australia
03/02/2012 New SU-34 Fullback Photos
News Report Lenta.ru via Pak. Def.
03/02/2012 First prototype of PAK DA to be ready by 2020
News Report RIA Novosti via Air Attack
03/02/2012 Russia to Modernize 30 Tu-22M3 Bombers by 2020
Steven Phillips
Baltimore Sun
03/02/2012 Storms brewing across the Taiwan Strait
News Report World Nuclear News
03/02/2012 Privatisation of Russian state nuclear giant
News Report Voice of Russia
03/02/2012 Russia to upgrade its munitions facilities
Jim Wolf
Reuters 03/02/2012 U.S. plans $2.8 billion upgrade of F-16 fighter
Alert5.com 02/02/2012 Photo: Kim Jong-un inspects MiG-29 unit
Lee Tae-hoon Korea Times
02/02/2012 Korea likely to suffer budget shortfall for fighter project
News Report Herald Sun
02/02/2012 Defence needs more skilled workers
News Report Russia and India Report
02/02/2012 Indian Army to hold war games with Russia and other friendly nations
News Report GuamPDN.com 02/02/2012 Kyodo reports that 3,000 Marines may move to Hawaii instead of Guam
Jennifer Rizzo
CNN via WDSU.com
02/02/2012 Military Budget Cuts Impact Weapon Choices
Greg Waldron
Flight Global
02/02/2012 Seoul kicks off F-X III competition
News Report BNO News
02/02/2012 Russia Tests Advanced New Air-to-Air Missile
News Report Voice of Russia
02/02/2012 Russian Navy and Air Force to get new missiles
Angelique Chrisafis The Guardian
02/02/2012 Nicolas Sarkozy seizes Rafale sale to India as electoral lifeline
News Report RIA Novosti
01/02/2012 Russia to Field Air-Launched Missiles for T-50 by 2014
Press Release
ITT Exelis
01/02/2012 ITT Exelis completes testing of Next Generation Jammer array transmitter technology
News Report RIA Novosti
01/02/2012 Russia to Modernize 30 Tu-22M3 Bombers by 2020
Arup Roychoudhury Rueters 01/02/2012 India's fast-growing defence market
Robert Cox
Fort-Worth Star Telegram
01/02/2012 Ejection seat problems ground 15 F-35 jets
News Report airforce-technology.com 01/02/2012 Boeing to test F-15SE fighter jet for South Korea
Mark Dodd
The Australian
01/02/2012 Report calls for a strengthening of defence bases in Australia's north
Ashley Hall
ABC News
01/02/2012 Defence forces battle mining boom
Dylan Welch
Sydney Morning Herald
01/02/2012 Energy-rich north may be at risk, says defence study
News Report The Times of India
01/02/2012 Dassault Rafale wins MMRCA deal beating Eurofighter Typhoon

January 2012

Ben Sandilands
Plane Talking
31/01/2012 What cost JSF lies? Air superiority for a start
News Report RT.com 31/01/2012 China infuriated by US-Philippines defense plans
News Report philSTAR.com 31/01/2012 Plan to expand U.S. military presence in Philippines assailed, defended
News Report RIA Novosti
31/01/2012 Russian Missile Maker Lost $790 mln over Libya War
Bill Sweetman
Aviation Week
31/01/2012 Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter Advances
Shane McGlaun & Trent Nouveau TG Daily
31/01/2012 Russia hits afterburners on stealth tech
Amy Butler
Aviation Week
31/01/2012 Ejection Parachute Issue Grounds F-35As
Ashley Hall
ABC.net.au 31/01/2012 Defence review recommends push north
Web Alert5 31/01/2012 Photos: Iranian F-4s, F-14s escorting Russian Knights
James K. Sanborn Marine Times 31/01/2012 Report: UAV can’t fly in Afghanistan heat
Chen Pei-huang and Y.F. Low Focus Taiwan
30/01/2012 Military says early-warning radar project on schedule
News Report Telegraph.by 30/01/2012 Belarus to Receive Russian S-400 after 2015
News Report British Forces News
30/01/2012 MOD unveils supersonic missile system
Koh Swee Lean Collin eurasia review
30/01/2012 Indonesia’s New Submarines: Impact On Regional Naval Balance – Analysis
News Report RIA Novosti 30/01/2012 Carrier Ready for India After Eight Year Wait
Eric L. Palmer
Australia may delay 12 of 14 F-35s in initial order
News Report RIA Novosti 23/01/2012 Russia to Receive 30 Vityaz Air Defense Systems by 2020
Vladimir Podymov Indrus.in 17/01/2012 Night Hunter: An all-new combat helicopter
News Report AP 17/01/2012 Vietnam launches its first domestically made warship equipped with missiles
News Report
Monash University
16/01/2012 How a Monash academic saved downtown LA
Carlo Kopp Risk Factor / IEEE Spectrum 11/01/2012 E-Bombs: What is the Threat?
Robert Charette
Risk Factor / IEEE Spectrum
EE Helped NCIS-LA Plot E-Bomb Attack
News Report The Jamestown Foundation
The Jamestown Foundation's Top 11 Stories Of 2011

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